San Pedro’s Lobsterfest And An Interview with The Breeze – San Pedro’s Newest Radio Station

Lobsterfest 2015 in San Pedro continues…with daily day time and night stops to get your Lobster Crawl passport stamped for the Lobsterfest Grand Prize.

I picked up my passport at the Belize Chocolate Boutique when I saw this sign…



Dang…I was going to miss the marshmallow eating competition but I was there to try my luck at the Lobster ring toss AND get my 2015 Passport and first stamp.


I was supposed to wear the Willy Wonka hat and the glasses but Noah – ALWAYS A GOOD SPORT – posed for me.

IMG_1605And ta dah!  I won a chocolate lobster.


I was headed up to Grand Caribe Resort to take a few pictures of their lobster festivities.

And watching guests and staff wriggle like lobsters towards a trap was good times.

IMG_1642 IMG_1639And kids fishing for lobster toys is just cute.


I walked back to town to interview THE BREEZE.  Over the past week, there has been a bit of a guerrilla marketing campaign on posts around town..

IMG_1699Infuriatingly smart.  I was dying to know what the breeze was.  And then…yesterday?  It was announced.


OH!  A radio station.  Wait…what?  A radio station?  Hmmmm….

Being honest, I haven’t listened to the radio in…years.  But I do know that the local stations in Belize (and there are only a handful of them) are listened to constantly in every kitchen, auto mechanic shop and store on the island.


But this one (on the website) was billed as a radio station for expats.  Interesting…

Click on the link to start it playing now.  I sent The Breeze’s “Danny Vega” a message and secured a meeting at The Office yesterday.

A public place.  One does not want to meet someone who goes under a fake name in a dark alley.

The view from The Office dock.  They really have a killer view of both Saca Chispas (the Old Football field) and the sunset.  A ferris wheel is setting up for the Dia De San Pedro festivities.

IMG_1701And “The Breeze” aka Danny Vega – real name – Daniel Brisebois – he has traveled the Caribbean and lived in Belize for the past 8 years.


He operated a night club in Belize City (not for the faint of heart) – did some mild protesting against the local government there (I’ll leave that to you and Google) and has lived on Ambergris Caye for 4 years now.  He worked with the Paradise Movie Theater a bit and now is trying THE BREEZE.

San Pedro’s online radio station for expats – with comedy bits, community events, commercials and updates on the island and the country.

He works with a provider that provides the music in return for 2 minutes of commercial time on the station.

He hopes to grow THE BREEZE with perhaps talk shows, commentary and really whatever works to get people listening in Belize but mostly abroad.

Is this going to be a radio station on the radio?  No.  That would require a transmitter…100s, if not thousands in electricity a month, a staff and would only broadcast for about 100 miles.  Not worth it.

For those who want to keep in touch with San Pedro while listening to Top 40 music from the 60s to the 90s.  That’s it.  Nothing all that mysterious or sinister (I was hoping for some intrigue!).  That’s the scoop.

The only controversy I can seem to find is people complaining about the trash that his ad campaign may be drumming up.

But nightclubs and bars, political campaigns and charities have been stapling up posters and ads for years…you can hardly find a telephone pole that isn’t coated in staples…this type of thing is nothing new.

As one who posted maybe thousands of papers for the bar I managed back in the day…I’m willing to cut him some slack.

But hey…that’s just me.

I leave you with a few pictures of orchids blooming right now on the island.





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