San Pedro Snapshot Saturday and Sun?

It has been a grey week and the last two days, we’ve seen quite a bit of rain.  Which reminds me that the rainy season is SO HARD TO DEFINE.  Actually, that’s not true…it’s quite easy.  Hurricane season (or “the season that can be rainy”) is June 1st to November 30th.  It CAN rain during this time.

But I get so many emails…people asking if it is okay to visit in July or September…and I always say YES!  But the truth, the cold hard truth is, you may see rain.  But then…I still think the odds of sun are much better.

So…with San Pedro Lobsterfest over…and Caye Caulker’s this weekend.  It was a grey weekjust to be.  Life is not always exciting events in Belize…just most of the time.

ANYWAY…here are snapshots…most already on Instagram of my grey week.  Lots of plants…and well…as usual food.

Feeding Wish Willies my well aged bananas.


Perching frigate birds at the gas station.insta2

Grey weather calls for soup.  And Belize’s version of Split Peas does involve a ham hock…it includes some pig tails.  Same yummy, hammy, salty flavor…just a very different look.insta3

A pimped out golf cart READY for rain.insta4

My cat Pupusa nesting in my (formerly) clean laundry…insta5 insta6

The flowers are loving the rain.

The creepy alien orchid that I like to visit daily…insta9



A great bowl of ceviche is almost as pretty as any flower.  This one is from Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar & Grill.



And proper fish and chips at Island Time Bar & Grill.  With really good tartar sauce and malt vinegar.

photoWe had one mid-week afternoon of sun.


And Friday morning’s sunrise looked promising…and then the rains came.  Sunrise is just after 5am these days…ungodly.

Legends Burger Joint…open or not open.  Seems a massive cleanup has occurred there recently…perhaps ANOTHER re-opening?insta11

A building permit north of the bridge…and its decoration.

Lobster meat pies from Boogie’s Belly went viral this week!  It seemed like everyone was ordering them and eating them and RAVING about them.insta13Golf cart parking at my apartment.

Souvenirs in town.  insta17

A flamboyant tree enjoying the drizzle.


And a cow orchid…pointed out to me that it looks like a lionfish.  And it so does.insta19And just a beautiful delicate flower from a shrub…

insta15I am headed out to a gorgeous resort in the Pine Ridge area of Belize where I am going to be enjoying plants and flowers, waterfalls and caves galore…I can’t wait.  Check it out…Mystic River Resort.



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