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Five Days in Cayo, Part One: The Lodge at Chaa Creek to San Ignacio Town to The Deep Jungle

I’ve been back on Ambergris Caye now for two days.  After 5 amazing AMAZING nights spent in Belize’s Cayo District…the largest district in Belize, smack in the middle and bordering Guatemala.

Here’s a slightly odd looking map.  Cayo is in green.


Jungle, mountains, rivers and lush greenery…basically many of the things that Ambergris Caye is not.  But that’s the beauty of Belize – it’s all in this tiny country.

IMG_3670I reported back on my visit to The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Eco-Camp for 24 Belizean kids.  And about my AMAZING overnight camping in the heart of Belize’s jungle – the great Chiquibul – and the heroes that are protecting our few baby macaws from poachers.  And even some of the restaurants in San Ignacio.

But I took lots more pictures.  I mean LOTS.  And here is a wrap up on Cayo (well half of it) before we get back to the sun and the sand of San Pedro.

And here is a more detailed map of the area with some of the other places and areas I visited.

cayo and the pine ridge

First let me show you where I was staying at gorgeous Chaa Creek.

Cottage no. 4.  Sigh…


And my lovely porch with a view of the Macal River.


The beautiful outside bar and lounge area just up this path…


Early morning was for birding…and I went on a short trip my last day in paradise.


And the pool area.  Camping is rough 🙂


Cuties nesting RIGHT in a pool umbrella.


On to my next stop.  I had one night in San Ignacio town to stock up on food and water for my 24 hours in the Chiquibul and do some re-packing.  For $39US a night ($30US w/o air conditioning) – the Western Guest House was excellent.   Right at the quiet end of Burns Avenue (the “main drag”), with a HUGE common area, coffee in the morning and a spotless room…what more could I want?


Another delicious meal at Guava Limb Cafe was in order…and it is two blocks further down the street from the guesthouse.



I passed some infusing rums…


I love LOVE the artwork…


My iced tea with sugar syrup.


Just behind the cafe is a huge beautiful park…and someone was grazing their horse and her pony.


I decided to stop by Artemis Glass…and followed the sign off the main road.


I ended up going in the totally wrong direction and straight up hill…passing an old hospital.  A property that could house the most amazing haunted house of all time.  I would have gone in for a closer look but the shutters started creaking in the wind…seriously scary place.

IMG_3436IMG_3438A gorgeous HOT day to be walking up the steep hills of San Ignacio.

IMG_3440Near the top of the hill, I just happened to stumble across my favorite cake joint, Sweet Ting.


And a thick piece of coconut cake.  Energy, really, to go find Artemis Glass.

IMG_3446Time to trek down the hill and actually find what I was looking for….






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2 thoughts on “Five Days in Cayo, Part One: The Lodge at Chaa Creek to San Ignacio Town to The Deep Jungle

  1. BelizeBound

    Have you been to the Windy Hill Resort in San Ignacio? Found it to be very nice. Has a restaurant and bar. Just one correction: more precisely, the horse is a mare and the young horse is a foal until it is weaned. A pony is a short adult horse. Most people , unless they have a farm background, make the same mistake. Nice pictures.

    1. Belize Blog

      I have ZERO background in farming…or farms. Suburban NJ! And I have never been to Windy Hill but I’ve heard it was nice. Thanks for the horse vocab 🙂

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