Snapshot Sunday: My Week Jungle to Reef in Belize

Sometimes you just feel lucky.  And this past week or so has been one of those times.  I went from spelunking the ATM cave in the Cayo District of Belize (yes…I said spelunking) and watching gorgeous toucans as I enjoyed breakfast to sitting on a sandbar on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and eating gorgeous sushi at Blue Water Grill in San Pedro.

And in the next few days, I’m planning a trip to the Blue Hole…THAT BLUE HOLE.

Blue Hole aerial shot taken by Danielle Burruss

Blue Hole aerial shot taken by Danielle Burruss

So here are a bunch of snap shots…all posted to my Instagram account of my last 10 days…a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  My life in Belize.  And a few other cool pictures from other Instagram users that I just loved.

Beautiful Mystic River Lodge in Cayo.


Gorgeous flowers in my room – I think I took 15 photos of them from every angle.  Flowers that grow easily here in Belize but are beyond exotic in other parts of the world.



Belize’s National Flower growing in the forest – the Black Orchid.


I got a ride back to Belmopan, Belize and then jumped on the hour express ride to Belize City to return home.  The buses are 80s Blue Bird yellow buses…and have the original rules.


Not much has changed since 1988…but stereo systems have ALWAYS been installed.  Often with flashing lights that move with the music.

IMG_3458In Belmopan, I bought 15 GIANT mangoes and hauled them back to San Pedro. 75 cents bzd each!  To make a gorgeous GORGEOUS mango crisp.


And to eat with yogurt and honey.  I LOVE MANGO SEASON.


That night I went out for sushi at Blue Water Grill.  Yum.  Tuesdays and Thursday nights.  Even in July, a reservation is a good idea.


Three Instagram accounts worth admiring this week.  DBurruss – she was in Belize just a few weeks ago and is now posting from Bermuda.  A place that I am now dying to visit.


@BelizeFly – or Tres Pescados Fly Shop in San Pedro.  He posts some killer photos of fly fishing and just life on the water in Belize.

IMG_3515And then @mvzfranciscodelrio – has been posting some pretty cool photos of a side of Belize that isn’t photographed much.  The very conservative Mennonite village of Shipyard in Northern Belize.  Not at ALL what you think of when you think of this country, but there are more than 10,000 Mennonites living here.

IMG_3518Back to Ambergris Caye and gorgeous weather to visit a sand bar on the leeward side.

IMG_3479IMG_3481Or to watch the sun rise…

IMG_3495And then a few hours later, to watch a quick squall move in.  Summer weather.


I got a new supply of stickers from – thank you SO MUCH.  And got to work with them.

IMG_3514I took a picture of my favorite slogan in Belize.  This is the chicken for we!


And then I went camping WAY UP NORTH…with a group of 25 kids from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Belize City.   And was humbled by the good that some people are doing around Belize – but that’s for tomorrow’s post.


View from my tent.


We were just south of the lovely resort – Tranquility Bay.  The most northern resort of Ambergris Caye.


We were fed well at camp…but snuck in a quick snack at Tranquility’s Tacklebox restaurant.IMG_3531IMG_3532

And I have an exciting week ahead…I’ll be reporting back.  Oh…quick…two more pictures.  Love this one taken on the water taxi.


And not so much this one.  But the mosquitos ARE OUT TODAY.  And…my coils are burning.  If you aren’t aware of mosquito coils, here is a quick de-briefing.IMG_3551












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