Snapshots from this Week – TRAVEL and Gorgeous Chaa Creek in Cayo

My week has been amazing so far.  Traveling out from San Pedro to San Ignacio – from sea to jungle in Belize.

Johnny Cake on the boat to Belize City.

johnny cake

With the cultural melting pot that is Belize on the bus.

IMG_3718 Checking in to the Lodge at Chaa Creek expecting to be staying with the eco-campers at the camp casitas…and finding out I was staying in Cottage #4…at the LODGE!  On the river!



Here are some IPhone pictures that I took at Chaa Creek – mostly on Instagram.  I thought I’d share them before I went into da bush.

The pool.

pool insta

The floor of the pool in the morning.


The path up to the bar…


The bar.


Double lime snails in my diet coke.


Gorgeous little social flycatcher chicks in a nest RIGHT by the pool…in an umbrella.



Real shoes required for heading over to the kids’ camp.


And a flower on the way over.


And then LeBron James!*



I have now taken a serious step down in the luxury department but I’m at a LOVELY and cheap Guest House in San Ignacio.

western guest

I am off to buy my food and water for my overnight stay in the Chiquibul…sleeping in hammock and hopefully seeing some scarlet macaws.  I figure I need to carb load for this trip.  First stop?  The Ice Cream Shoppe in San Ignacio.


Oh…and I’m sure another trip to the Guava Limb Cafe…the food is too delicious.



* LeBron is not actually in Belize, these are pictures he posted to Instagram from a trip to Hawaii.  But….sigh…it’s fun pretending.

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