An Afternoon Trip on A GORGEOUS DAY Lands Me in Belize City OR Rage In Belize

Yesterday was THE PERFECT day to head over to Caye Caulker – sunny, a slight breeze, puffy pinkish lavender clouds in the sky.  I had some new things to check out – some new areas to explore.  I decided to take the 1pm San Pedro Belize Express water taxi over.  It’s my usual ride…my company of choice with lots more runs on the schedule than the competitors.

I knew it was the tail end of the Costa Maya Festival and the last visitors would be trickling off the mainland.  I just didn’t realize how many…

I arrived 15 minutes early but was at the tail end of a very long line.

IMG_3899And then 1pm came and went…we were waiting for another boat to unload from Belize City so that two could be taken…the line became even longer.

At about 1:20pm, tickets were taken and we were loaded onto boats.  I caught the second one…the first had already left the dock.

Sigh…what a gorgeous day.  I didn’t even mind sitting way in the back in the blazing sun.  My ride would be short…just 25 minutes to Caye Caulker.

IMG_3903 IMG_3904


And then…after 25 minutes, I watched us approaching Caye Caulker from the wrong side…we…OH SHIT…we are not stopping on the island.  I charged upstairs to have a word with my captain.

He wasn’t concerned.  I’m just the driver and THIS is an express boat to BELIZE CITY.

I stomped downstairs (as best one can do on a moving boat) and ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

50 minutes later, we pulled up in Belize City.  A few dark clouds hovered overhead.


Filled with self-righteous indignation, I stomped off to see the manager (I did quite a bit of stomping yesterday – not easy on a HOT day).  Who was…out to lunch.  Back in a hour.

Fine.  It would give me time to cool off.

I headed over to Memorial Park to try the new diner, aptly named The Memorial Diner, that has set up shop there.  A burger would make things right…IMG_3905CLOSED on Mondays.

Why am I not surprised?


I kept trekking.  A good time to visit the giant beach ball/helium balloon that has rolled onto the water front.  You can see it grounded as you ride in on the water taxi ride…


I walked into the bar restaurant and told the incredibly friendly and helpful guy at the desk to TAKE ME UP!


On non-cruise ship days, it is $35bzd a person.  One person is fine.  I was ready.  250 feet in the air above Belize City…BUT the wind needed to be less than 10mph.

And right now?  15mph.  Again.  Not surprising the way my day was going.

He helped me find a taxi and I was off to one of my favorite restaurants in Belize City.  The only thing that could comfort me on this crap day.



And a gorgeous chicken korma.


At Sumathi on Baymen Avenue.  DELICIOUS.  And you feel like you are in someone’s living room.  I think you might be…

IMG_3913 IMG_3912

I called Chico (my new taxi driver) – hoping to chat with the manager at SPBE and then head home on the 4:30pm boat.

He was not back.  HEADS WILL ROLL! I thought losing a bit of steam. The HR manager came down to speak with me.  I had (of course) calmed significantly…I probably didn’t hear the announcement…it was a busy afternoon.

Stuff happens.  And she agreed.  And gave me a pass back to San Pedro and a free ticket from San Pedro to Caye Caulker for use later this week.

I guess it wasn’t the WORST day to spend your afternoon on a boat.  It was just 2 – hour and a half rides…


Back home just as the sun was setting.


Note to self:  When at the end of the line of more than 100 people, double check that you are boarding the correct boat when you reach the front.

Lesson learned.



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