Animal Round-Up in San Pedro, Belize

No not a round-up like at a rodeo…a round-up, as in a summary of facts or events.  Don’t worry!

We’ve got lots of cats and dogs on the island of Ambergris Caye.  And if you’ve visited before, you’ve probably had a potlicker (a stray dog in Belize) buddy up to you.  Maybe you’ve even taken one home.   Many do…


Awww…my buddy Boo who found a home on the mainland.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on this month when it comes to our island’s pets.



Visit Fort Dog!

Many have visited the SAGA headquarters building where the vet sees his patients and where the cats and many of the puppies are housed.  But just a block behind them is Fort Dog.  Where all the grown dogs are housed…while they wait for homes.

fort dog

There are some serious sweeties back there and the dogs are just SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU.  Have you thought about volunteering as a walker (you can do it once or once a week or once a day…)?  This is the perfect time to check it out.  See what you might be getting into.

Basically you will find a bunch of dogs that are as happy to see you as a child on Christmas morning.  Great if you are needing a bit of a pick-me-up…


“Join Saga Humane Society friends and supporters at the first ever celebration of International Homeless Animals Day on Saturday August 15th from noon until 5 PM at Fort Dog on Sea Grape Drive.  The celebration is Saga Humane Societies first adoption extravaganza and the event will pay tribute to the thousands of animals across the world who are homeless without proper love, food and medical care.”

sweet dog

BBQ Night at Estel’s with Charles’ Famous Grilling

saga estels

And here is Charles manning the grill.  I have about 15 of this exact same pictures.  The ribs are ridiculously good…

And anyone who has been to Estel’s knows that the family are all dog lovers.


There will be live music and raffles.  This one should book up fast.

And SAGA works ONLY on donations…so please support this great organization.

2.  Belize Dog Act to Be Implemented in San Pedro

Okay, okay…you may have heard this one before.  And the town council did mention a few years ago that they would be enforcing it but it…never happened.

Yesterday, the San Pedro Sun published an article stating that SAGA Humane Society along with the Town Council and the Police Department will team up to make sure that dogs are properly tagged and leashed in public places.

And that information will be distributed in the next few days.  (LOTS more in the article.)

As SAGA representative Kathy states in the article, “We are grateful that our town and law enforcement leaders recognize that dogs and cats are part of our community and that their health and welfare is important to the well-being of our island.”

Amen to that, sister.

It’s fun to play with a beach dog…but it is much more fun to make sure that the animals on this island are safe, free from disease, not tipping over trash cans and living good lives.

Like Alice here…who was so much fun on the beach fetching coconuts…but was sick with tick fever and needed serious medical care before she could head to her forever home in Canada.


3.  MY DOG

Okay, this is supposed to be about the big pictures.  The welfare of the island’s animals but I can’t NOT include my dog, Elsie.

Since I am going to Michigan for 10 days, Beaver Island Michigan to be exact, and leaving TODAY, she is going to stay at Pampered Paws in town.  Or as we call it “camp”.elsie2

Pampered Paws is a pretty awesome business started by Kathy Marin (also of SAGA) about 10 years ago and grew from a pet supply and grooming shop to a walking, pet sitting, boarding, day care emporium.

Two days ago, we dropped off Elsie for a test day…so that she could be sure that we would come back for her.


IMG_3933 IMG_3935

And you can see from their Facebook page (they post daily pictures of all the animals in their care) – Elsie did JUST fine.


So PLEASE feel free to stop in and kiss her and tell her she is the best dog in the world.  She REALLY likes it if you kiss her eyelids and rub her head lightly…like you are shampoo-ing her.  Also, if you could whisper to her that “her Becca is coming for her”…she will know what that means.

I mean you don’t HAVE to…but if you do…she is easy to spot.  This patch…


…and PROBABLY the only dog there with three legs.

I’ll be reporting back soon from the US of A…

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