Beaver Island, Michigan: Makes Me Want to Upgrade To

When I say “home” in conversation, I am no longer referring to New York or New Jersey, I mean Belize.   A country I love and have lived in, full time, for 8 years.   A place I have no intention of leaving…

But I still love traveling.  And though I have been to over 40 countries – there are 196 in all – I’m realizing how much I still need to do and see in my homeland.   Sitting here on Beaver Island, in the upper part of Lake Michigan, eating cherry pie and watching a little Donald Trump on TV – perhaps our next president – I remember that I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!


Anyway…here are a whole bunch of pictures of gorgeous Beaver Island.  A remote, ridiculously beautiful and fascinating small island – that had a Mormon King, a place that produced the most fish in the world at some point in the 1800s and is absolutely drop-dead all-American gorgeous.

Last night’s sunset – no filtering or touch-ups.


So it was last Monday and we were landing on the “Emerald Isle”…


The air strip…


Good news.


And then right across the street, next to a field full of wild turkeys, a breakfast spot.


We got to the house on the west shore, here is a photo from the lake at sunset…


This sunset.  There have been more beauties…


Simple but gorgeous over the deck.


And last night as a flock of merganser ducks floated by…

IMG_4235We went hiking.

IMG_4075Thru the woods and along the shore…


Either sandy bottomed or lined with gorgeous rocks – many pushed down from Canada and rolled smooth by the ice ages.  They are my new obsession and my luggage should contain about 5lbs of them.


And we visited the tiny town of St. James.  The only one on the island.  Totally oozing small town charm.



The kinda spot where you could give a child $2 and they could spend hours picking out a bag full of things.   From stickers to wax lips…

IMG_4122 IMG_4123


An ice cream shop for the whole family.

IMG_4207A gorgeous GORGEOUS spot where they hand make boats and canoes from cherry and cedar.  The St. James Boat Shop.

IMG_4248 IMG_4249


IMG_4252 IMG_4254

We are in a part of the country where soda is called “pop”.

IMG_4142The United States truly is a melting pot for people and useless statistics.  Though Beaver Island is not labelled (I circled it in orange), we are clearly in pop-country.


There is DELICIOUS smoked white fish.  On some home made toast, a schmear of cream cheese and a thick slice of August tomato?  You’d swear you were in NYC.


With some handy signs inside…



And an interesting and delicious Michigan delicacy – pickled bologna.


And the harbor with a view of one of the island’s two lighthouses.



Some fun cars…

IMG_4228 IMG_4143



I’ll wrap this up…I promise!  But one quick(ish) look at the lighthouse on the other side of the island.  This one is just a museum now…


The stairs to the top.


So there it is.  Beaver Island.  One gorgeous spot that may be a bit tricky to get to…but is totally worth it.IMG_4141







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