Fin Kardashian and His Bestie, Jean: Off On a FOUR DAY Flight to SE Asia

I traveled to Bangkok YEARS ago.  From Newark, NJ, flying coach.  And halfway there, I decided that I would now live in Asia since there was no way, I MEAN NO WAY, I could ever make the flight back.  It.  Is.  Brutal.

And just go to and search for a flight from BZE to BKK.  The shortest trip duration they have is 33+ hours.  UGH.

Thank goodness for Correspondent Fin Kardashian.  Who yesterday started his trip, with his friend Jean. A big backpack, 40 Belizean flags to leave around the world…

fin and jean…and ready to tell us all about it.

finkA few more friends are joining him later.

So let me get to specifics on how Fin and Jean are getting to Bangkok and show you a few pictures of Fin’s slightly inebriated departure…

IMG_0479 IMG_0480

10190 miles from Belize City to Bangkok AS THE CROW FLIES.  And a bit longer as Fin flies.

Here’s a world map – for those of us shaky on geography (NO JUDGEMENT) – and here is Fin and Jean’s trip.


First flight:  San Pedro to Corozal, Belize – 43 miles

To the border and the bus:  Chetumal, Mexico to Cancun – 235 miles

Though there is little time in between, I’m quite sure Fin will be able to insert himself into the Cancun scene.

If only for one selfie.

fin cancun

But there is little time!  Fin and Jean now leave for Newark, NJ’s Liberty Airport.  1547 miles.

Overnighting in the New York City area, something like this is SURE to happen.  Oh the Manhattan sky line is spectacular!

fin and taylor

Okay, okay, maybe a stretch.  But the Naked Cowboy is in Times Square every day…

fin and cowboy

Now it’s off for the LOOOONNNGGG FLIGHT.  The big Kahuna.  Newark to Tokyo, Japan.  6780 Miles.   13 hours ahead time difference.  AYE!  Fin and Jean are going to want to grab some shut eye in their overnight layover in one of Tokyo’s famous capsule hotels.


Good lord.  I know what you are thinking…he’s in Asia…how much farther can Bangkok be.  The answer?  FAR.

Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand?  2862 MORE MILES.

Time to take it down a level…this type of jet lag takes a few days…even a week or more…to get over.

Take your queue from these serene monks at a holy Thai temple.

Fin temple

Fin and Jean…have the times of your lives!  It’s going to be awesome…once you get there.

Leave August 29th…arrive September 1st.  What’s the big deal?  It’s only about 4 days of traveling.  ROCK SOUTH EAST ASIA.

And don’t forget to write.


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