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From San Pedro, Belize To The US of A: With a Belize City Sushi Stop

After an iffy early morning start on Friday…

IMG_3967 IMG_3968

…by my 11am Tropic Air flight to Belize City Municipal, things were just perfect.

A gorgeous clear day…and quite the view of the rafts of sargassum coming in.  Pretty good around Ambergris Caye but where the reef gets low…just before Caye Caulker…oh my.


We landed for a drop off on the smaller caye…


…at the foot of the runway.  This house looks completely surrounded by water.


And then the “airport”.


The reef looking beautiful.


And Caye Chapel…the resort/golf course caye that has recently sold to Mexican investors and is now closed.  And very dry.


We were landing at Municipal Airport in down town Belize City to stop for lunch at a new Japanese spot…JAPANESE IN BELIZE CITY! and then make our way to the airport for the 3pm American Airlines flight to Dallas (Stop #1).

In a taxi, we drove a short way on the Northern Highway to a new mall area JUST open…just across the street from Courts.


Two levels…an outpost of Coral Bubbles.  For bubble tea.  Strangely, it is very popular.  Only strange to me because I am not a bubble tea fan.


And then around the bend, Taka-San Japanese Restaurant – sushi, snacks and udon.  Yum, yum and yum.

Simple inside and very newly opened…but look!  Real deal.


My horrible picture of the menu.


And some reading material.

IMG_3997  The staff, from Japanese – though our waiter has been in Belize for 11 years – is LOVELY.  I mean…really nice, polite and super helpful.

Who doesn’t love sitting down to icy cold hand towels and an offer of green tea?


I’d go back for the excellent service but also for the delicious noodles and dumplings…mmmm….

Rice stuffed with pork.


Delicious, crisp bottomed dumplings with dipping sauce.


Spicy tuna rolls that were quite good.

IMG_4003And the highlight was the Nabeyaki Udon.  Chosen for us, as his favorite by the waiter.

Savory fish broth…IMG_4004

Really really REALLY good.  We settled up and went to check out “The Living Room” – a coffee, wine and pastry bar.  Belize City is getting SO chic!

IMG_4007 IMG_4008

We were off to the airport…and our flight to Dallas.  And we arrived and check in at the Grand Hyatt, so conveniently IN the airport, and watched the sun set…

IMG_4016And then we went downstairs for a bit more sushi…




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7 thoughts on “From San Pedro, Belize To The US of A: With a Belize City Sushi Stop

  1. Susan Watts

    Sounds like a great day of eating! Not use to hearing you say “we”. Have fun and enjoy your vacation.

  2. TarheelBornGal

    The sushi all looks wonderful — the dumplings too! I don’t know why but only about half of your photos will load for me here in Mexico. Bummer. Enjoy your time in the US!

      1. TarheelBornGal

        Aha! I just logged into our VPN, and now all the photos load. Not sure why that would be but I have had issues with other websites on occasion when not using the VPN. Not sure why but I am glad to have a fix!

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