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San Pedro, Belize Walk-About: A Groyne, A Foaming Jaguar And Dress Shopping

It’s nice to be settled in back on the island – back at home.  After a whirlwind July, 2 trips to Cayo, 2 kids summer camps – from ATM Cave to snorkeling the Blue Hole…I’m back for just about two weeks and then I’m off to another island.  Beaver Island, Michigan.   I’ve never been but I’m guessing some very different scenery.  And cherries and cheeses and chilly nights…oh my.

Yesterday,  I walked up to town along the beach and…the sargasso is a serious situation.

Here’s a view of it in front of Exotic Caye Resort.  They have built a bit of a sea wall at the south end of their property.  Sea wall…or is it a groyne?   A sand and sargasso catcher…

IMG_3769Here’s the view from the other direction.  Some visitors were helping a boy look for sardines to net.

IMG_3770A much larger sea wall has been installed at the north end of the property going up to the property next door.  I’m assuming Exotic Caye bought this house and its large lot?

IMG_3771 IMG_3772 IMG_3773

I took to the road and peeked into White Sands Villas (just south of the Belize Yacht Club) – the pool looked startlingly beautiful.


The front units (those on the sea) are being used…but most of the rest are empty…many being jackhammered…I believe this building also has new ownership…maybe it will one day open in full?  It’s been…at least 6 years now.


Back to the beach.  There is new construction JUST south of the Island Academy lot…a good sized house going up.



Even beaches beautifully cleaned in the morning are gathering this sea plant during the day.  This amateur naturalist in Mexico does a great job attempting to explain what is going on with the sargassum explosion – The Journey of Sargassum.  He’s got lots of other super interesting articles on his site as well…for those with a hint of science nerd in them, may I suggest:  A Bad Day on the Yucatan?IMG_3778

My real mission in going to town was shopping…for a dress.  I hit Front Street…


And this sight in the very first shop made me woozy.  I lasted about 30 seconds…


I was out of there…passing the Holiday Hotel…


And then to the post office to mail some postcards.  .30bzd to the US, .40bzd to Europe.  A BARGAIN!



Back around for delicious lunch at delicious Wild Mango’s.  I passed Jaguar’s Temple Nightclub.  It must have been a big Sunday night.  Soap suds were pouring out of the jaguar’s mouth.


A shared Gyro Wrap and Amy’s Chef Salad (it’s just DELICIOUS)…

IMG_3786 IMG_3787

I was on my way back home on a HOT AUGUST DAY to work on my blog.  Yes, this one.  I have some updates in mind…and when it comes to tech changes…nothing comes easily.




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5 thoughts on “San Pedro, Belize Walk-About: A Groyne, A Foaming Jaguar And Dress Shopping

  1. BelizeBound

    Wow, you are right, it is a groyne. Because it is used to prevent erosion along the beach. Love that word and haven’t heard it in yrs. Thanks for the post.

    1. Belize Blog

      Cool link, right? Great way of writing…and interesting topics! I HATE the word groyne…it actively annoys me…so I thought I’d share 🙂

  2. 18°North

    Challenge accepted. We received your postcard yesterday. Thanks you!! We were just over dropping off a few things our caretakers kids with our guest that are arriving tomorrow and saw this on their front lawn. Does it get anymore Texas than that?

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