Tough to Mobilize for Fall Frenzy in this HEAT!

School starts next week…the stores are selling out of notebooks, pencils, backpacks…


…or maybe not.  Are backpacks usually $135 to $175bzd.  YIKES!

New uniforms are needed.  Suddenly kids are a year older.



The Roman Catholic School is getting cleaned and painted.

IMG_4316And the September celebration gear is moving in…hurray…September celebrations in Belize!

IMG_4321But let’s be honest.  That “!” was totally forced.   It’s hard to get excited, to get motivated, to get going when….oh man.  It is meltingly dry and hot.

Out midday?  The sun is just…DANG IT’S HOT.  I.  Need.  A.  Siesta.

A few pictures yesterday that don’t do it justice.

IMG_4319 IMG_4317 IMG_4324

And neither does the temperature.  It is about 84 degrees in the morning and about 90 by mid afternoon  – and the humidity is around 80-85%.


Warm in the morning, HOT in the afternoon, very warm at night.  As the sun was setting last night, I headed back into the DFC area to my local store for some cold soda waters.  The trees along the dirt/sand road are coated in dust.  I think I heard them whimpering for a bit of rain.  Just a spritz…


Pretty night.


The ocean flat as a pancake on my way home.


So…this morning is the same.  Hot, breezeless and humid.  Let’s blame it on El Nino…or TS Erika that is brewing out there sucking away all the rain and wind.  Who knows…but I, for one, am finding it very difficult to get properly motivated in this weather.

Imagine if I actually had children!

And you want to talk about hot?  I’m headed to the mainland this weekend – here is our local source of weather, Belize Hydromet.  Please check the Inland forecasts.  Aye dios mio.



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