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Looking Sharp: 50 Gorgeous Kids Get Hair Cuts for The First Day of School

No matter how cool you pretended to be, the first day of school was a big deal.  Back to seeing old friends, new kids, new teachers…uniform ready and pressed and definitely a new haircut.

But for many parents, school is EXPENSIVE.  All schools here require monthly fees, plus uniforms, supplies, lunches, transportation…some families needed a little extra boost.  And this year, Town Councilor Tito Alamilla provided it – with the sponsorship of the San Pedro Town Council and Ballers’ Barbershop.  Coupons…for free haircuts.


Ballers’ is one of the oldest (16 years in existence) and most popular shops in town.


Brian is the man in charge.  And he was donating his time to sheer these kids…his day off and his daughters’ birthday.  But seeing all the smiling kids with their new do’s was so freakin’ cute.  I’m sure it was worth it for everyone.  And I ended up spending a few hours there…


Good times.  I arrived early – 8am and soon Tito was bringing cart loads of kids for cuts.

I had NO idea how involved men’s haircuts are…clippers galore, razors, powder and brushes.



And then what I think is done…


And then there is all sorts of razor edging and sharpening…

Bam!  Look at this.  Super cute.


All of them…so cute.



Brian clipping…IMG_4414 IMG_4417 IMG_4423

Waiting for his summer blonds to disappear…

IMG_4438 IMG_4434

The older kids were a bit more serious about their do’s…before…


Nervous kids waiting outside…


Tito brought some tacos and juices for the kids who were waiting.


Uh oh…here goes this smallest one.  His reddish-blond summer hair is ALL coming off.  Super cute how he doesn’t even reach over the chair.


Poor little guy…it’s nerve wracking enough getting your hair cut but with an audience!


Done…load ’em up…


What a fantastic initiative by the Town Council.  Love it.  And good luck at school tomorrow everyone!IMG_4468 IMG_4474

Look good, feel good, do good.


Brian at Baller’s Barber Shop is the real deal.  And for only $5bzd or $7bzd, your kid can get a hair cut he can be proud of…

Awesome program Tito!  Love to see this sort of hands on community work.  Setting kids off on the right foot for their first day of school.  What is more important?


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  1. Karen L Tyler

    That is such a wonderful thing! Kudos to the entire team! Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than a good haircut!

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