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5 Things This Week

I thought I’d start this week with a list of things I plan to do this week on Ambergris Caye.  Plan AND actually try (hard) to do.  They are absolutely two different things.

  1.  Support the small vendors that are open in San Pedro during the Slow Season.

Okay….EVERYDAY may be tough but you know what they say.  Go big or go home.  And plus, how hard is it to buy a fresh fruit paleta at San Pedrano Store…

You could go crazy, I mean SEPTEMBER crazy, and dip it in some prosecco.  Here’s a picture of such a thing on my new favorite blog, Nat’s Next Adventure.


…have fresh made and fried panades with Obando on Back Street for $1bzd each…


or just buy a bag of cut up fruit from a fruit stand?  Pffft.  EASY.

2.  Swim in the Ocean on the Leeward Side of the Island

I can not tell a lie.  Sargassum is still a problem on the beaches…a few new methods are being tried – netting farther out in the sea…tractor raking…but I want to head to the leeward side of Ambergris Caye.  Where the water is still warm and sea plant free…

The sand bar would be ideal…


3.  Find Somewhere Fun to Watch the Republican Debate

While living in the US, I wasn’t much of a politico.  (And that is putting it mildly.) But this year’s Republican line-up is almost too ridiculous for words with the fore-runner being Donald “The Orange Clown” Trump.


The Republican debate is Wednesday night…surely more fun to watch with a crowd…and I’m sure many drinking games can be invented.  Take a shot if Trump says something sexist…

You get the picture.

4.  Get My Red White and Blue’s Ready for Next Monday’s Parade

One week from today  is September 21st.  Belize turns 34.  And I must be decked out – head to toe – in red white and blue.  If you don’t have the proper attire, check Caye Supplies and A&R for supplies.  In my mind…temporary tattoos, beads, red hankies, red, white and blue hair extensions, flag umbrella hats…none of it is too much.


There are other events too…like SPECTACULAR fireworks.  Here is the schedule.


5.  Go To Crossfit San Pedro Three Times This Week

I’m easing into it slowly.  After almost 4 months off, I found out this…and I will very begrudgingly admit it:  Working out keeps weight lower and makes you feel better.

UGH!  Super annoying.

My work-out of choice is Crossfit here on Ambergris Caye…and I am in NO way trying to break any records.  It’s just a fun group of people.

The WOD (Work-out-of-the-Day) reads:  Repeat 5x:  15 back squats with 65lbs and a 400 meter run.

I use a 5lb PVC pipe and run/walk.  Hey…it’s better than nothing, right?  “Easy does it” may not be Crossfit’s motto (that’s something like:  Crossfit or Die) but it sure is mine.


OH!  And one day…I know this is #6 but I’ll lump it into the exercise one…I want to walk the cute dogs at SAGA Humane Society…or at least one or two.  They LOVE it.

dog walk


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9 thoughts on “5 Things This Week

  1. Grassroots Nomad

    WOW, I want to visit just for the panades! I will be working in Guatemala City next year and am hoping to do a few weekends away so I will have to add Belize to the list! Are you planning on staying there much longer?

      1. Grassroots Nomad

        I’ll have to read more on your blog and check it out next year. Maybe if you are around I can shout you a panades! 🙂

  2. Chris

    Has sargassum always been a problem down there, or has it been worse this year? We had a ton of it in the Florida Keys over the last few months.

    I absolutely hate politics (they all stink) and refuse to watch any of it…but I can see how it can be fun once you’re no longer living in the US.

    1. Belize Blog

      It’s been over the last year here. And it’s a new thing in this amount of frequency. Before, we’d get it a few times a year, for a few days…this past year has been relentless. The Keys doing anything special to fight the problem or just what we are doing…man + rake.

      1. Chris

        What you’re doing is much better. Down here there’s some ridiculous law that you’re even not allowed to collect it. So all thy do is rake and throw it right back in, in another spot. Or some of the hotels put big nets up. That keeps it off the beach, but doesn’t look very nice. Also makes it tough to get out for a swim or paddle.

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