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A Walk South of San Pedro: Working on the Beach & the “Sargasso Situation”

Yesterday, I took the 1.5 mile walk to town.  It’s been hot WAY HOT but moving slow…I made it.  Just mildly drenched in sweat.

There was a lovely breeze for the first time in a few days…


Just before Xanadu Resort, I ran into a hammock…totally tattered.


Ahhhhhh…a dark cloud. Rain…maybe?  Please?  Xanadu has built a netting fence just offshore their beach to hold the sea weed back.

IMG_4478 IMG_4480
Caribbean Villas Resort seems to be reclaiming their beach.  Sand bags and sand fill.


Delivered sand being used to fill in the bagged area.


The dark clouds moved by quickly.  A photo of Woody’s Wharf…


And the view of the beach at Exotic Caye Resort.  Just north, the sea wall is complete and filled with tons of sand.

IMG_4489The property that contains this house…one of the last private residences on the beach in this part of town.


The sun out…and I love this dive shop’s September flags fluttering in the wind.


Pretty but HOT day.


The dock used by Belikin beer…

IMG_4499 IMG_4500 IMG_4504

And a look towards the shore.

IMG_4506I passed a very quiet Ramon’s Village…the whole beach walk, I only passed a person or two…


And a little more September patriotism…


The Diamante project has received a coat of paint and Hurricane’s Bar is closed for another week..


Phew…I made it to town without passing out.  Drenched in sweat?  Yes.  But still on my feet.

IMG_4511Fences, sand bags, sea walls…the shore line of Ambergris Caye is certainly changing.  Let’s hope that these projects, like using sargasso to rebuild a beach, work!

I kinda like a sandy beach that slopes naturally into the water.

OH!  And for those following Fin K’s epic/horrendous plane journey to Thailand, he made it!   I’m quite excited about his post for the week…the pictures are already making me WAY jealous.

treesThe weather there is just a BIT hotter than here.  Highs in the low 90s, humidity in the mid 80%.  Good thing he’s used to it.  He is about 250 miles closer to the equator than we are.









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3 thoughts on “A Walk South of San Pedro: Working on the Beach & the “Sargasso Situation”

  1. marysaunders

    You should be able to grow some good stuff with sargasso. Do you already have your own lime? ginger? Lime-ginger drinks are having a fad day in the sun (if we had much sun) up in the Pacific NW. My mom had her own mango tree in the FL Keys, in Marathon, right on the water/canal.

    1. Belize Blog

      Hmmm…I know that you need to rinse and de-salt first…and then compost? I’ve seen certain resorts use it but the yucky fact is…as it disintegrates, it STINKS. A mango tree, though, sounds LOVELY.

  2. Miranda

    The fence in the water seems to be working to hold back the Sargasso. I wonder why more places aren’t doing that?

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