Fin Kardashian Takes SE Asia 2.0: Bangkok’s Night Life, China Town and An 8.5 Hour Horrible Fire Fly Tour

bang1Hello WORLD,
So who would have thought that Thailand would have won my heart so fast! Am literally DRUNK IN LOVE. So currently staying at another hostel THE GREEN HOUSE, the only thing green of this hostel are the plants by the bar, since its right in the heart of the never-ending BANGKOK rock and roll bars.
A little on Bangkok’s night life consist of clubs, bars, cabarets, pingpong shows, bunny clubs, even swanky rooftop bars there is a little bit for anyone one that is just trying to have a good time. Most places you go to contained to my estimation 70% men, 20% women, 5% prostitutes, 5% Lady Boys.
The Famous Khao San Road is just PARTY PARTY PARTY….This place starts happening at dusk till dawn.


Totally have to dress up to drink vodka from a bucket.
I swear with one bucket am out!  Don’t know but this also gives me the liquid courage to flirt and boy, do i get good at flirting when am tipsy!  So far am going international I just hope the hangover is not bad…we have china town ahead for lunch.   There is no late night burritos or burgers here simply Pad Thai or Crispy scorpions….MMMMMmmmm.
or MORE VODKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bang8 bang9
The next day our friends Grant and Beth met us to go to China Town. Now the Bangkok smell is just out of hand – am dying! There are many smells. China town is pretty cool, from Chinese gold, fried rice, Diamonds, seafood – it’s a complete world.
bang10 bang11 bang12 bang13
ENOUGH with China Town, How about we talk about the most horrible tour I have ever been on!  My friend jean insisted to go to the ”WATER MARKET” she said it only takes one hour for the whole tour.  WTF it took like 1.5 hrs to get there and it was JUST HORRIBLE…sorry but when I think of water market I think canoes with loads of things to buy from, this was the opposite!
They drop us off to eat for 4hrs GOD – do I need a BEER!  Am about to bite someones face off. I have a hot date waiting for me at the hotel and am staring at people eating SEAfood from the RIVER – not my thing. Don’t know if i will ever forgive Jean!  NEVER!
The best thing is that after 4 hours the guide says now for the HIGHLIGHT of the day we are taking you to see FIRE FLIES on a boat. HOLY SH*T take me home this is so bad! I could have flown to PARIS by now just to see fire flies. We got there I swear to GOD it was like if it was staged Christmas lights you weren’t even allowed to touch them. As if fire flies were on the extinction list – LMAO!
banga bangb bangc bangd bange bangf bangg
Don’t get me wrong its a beautiful place but not my cup of tea….And for those fire flies fan (I can’t imagine there is more than one), you would love the water market.
So far am in love with Thailand our future route consist of Chiang Mai, Pai and Laos.
How I wish i had some rice and beans right now.
As I always say stay cute, be merry and God Bless.
Hugs and Kisses all the way from Bangkok
– Finn Kardashian

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