Belize v. Canada: Sue Was Right to Hedge Her Bets But We Have A Chance in Belmopan, I KNOW It

A hot muggy one in Belize….leading up to a historic event for the country.  Our Belize National Football (Soccer) team was playing Canada (in Toronto) – round 3 for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Borrowed from Facebook friend Kainie Manual - Totally awesome

Borrowed from Facebook friend Kainie Manual – Totally awesome

Take THAT Canada!

Later that night, I watched the game at Lola’s Pub – which APPARENTLY was designated for Canucks…who knew?  Sue, a Canadian born Belize resident was hedging her bets…

IMG_4560But I’ll back up and show you a few other pictures from my day.

Earlier, at about 11:30am, waiting for the water taxi, I actually thought it might rain…


My ride.


And the view as I got off at the dock in town.  Nice weather already.  A much needed sprinkle is still needed…the plants are wilting.


I walked by the new Pirates of Belize exhibit at the San Pedro House of Culture.  I will stop in FOR SURE next week…IMG_4546


I stopped in the grocery store looking for dog biscuits…rare on this island!  And saw this sign.  Why call the police?  Take matters into your own hands.

My store?  My laws…


It was almost time for the big game.  I mean match.

We headed over to Lola’s Pub to grab a seat…the game was being shown on some odd station…TLN Live?  And the quality was…not good.

It’s hard enough for me to watch a soccer game on tv.

IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4550All Canada fans.  After the first Canada goal…I’m not even sure if Canada scored or if Belize accidentally kicked it in…I was ready to go.

On a more positive note – Lola’s Pub has excellent bar food.  These pork sliders (made with Charles – of Estel’s – pulled pork) and jalapeno mac & cheese are delicious.  SO were the wings…yum.


I went around the corner to a bar I knew would be filled with Belizeans.

The sun was just setting…


Cholo’s.  Inside was filled and people were watching and drinking out on the beach.  The mood was a bit somber.


Back to Lola’s – we left at the half – it was clear where this was going.

I learned when I got home that Canada won 3-0.    Canada now comes to Belize on Tuesday to play in Belmopan.    Last night in Toronto, at the local 7:30pm kick-off time, it was 75 degrees F and 44% humidity.

Here’s our chance Belize.  BELMOPAN IS HOT…SO HOT.    The Belize Meteorological Center is predicting Inland Highs of 96F on Tuesday plus humidity over 80%.  PLUS the stadium will be packed.

What do you think about THAT Canadians?

I still say:  GO JAGUARS!

go team

My photo of two members of the team in 2013.  Including our talented goalie Woodrew Wilson West.

woodrew wilson westCan anyone with a bit more football knowledge than me tell me what Belize needs to score to qualify for the next match?  Or is it even possible?

I hope so…I just might have to head to our capital city on Tuesday.



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