Fin Kardashian Takes SE Asia: Bangkok, Thailand Edition 1.0



HELLO from Bangkok!  After 2 days of traveling, 2 Jennifer Lopez Documentaries, 3 movies and 8 sleeping pills – am finally here!  Our route was from BELIZE to MEXICO to NEWARK to TOKYO to BANGKOK.

How I Wish the Thai Royal family would have hosted me at the airport because am so exhausted. Well I guess I forgot to let them know I was on my way. Haven’t been Jet Lagged in a long time – so where else would I want than to stay at a Boutique Hostel?

It’s like SHHHhhhhh so we moved.  YES – we found one before all the FUN begins. CHERN Hostel was clean and just right!


Let me give you a Kardashian briefing on Bangkok.  Bangkok is a Backpackers’ District but did i say FUN?  And think about all the Pad Thai, Temples and Tum Yum, Statues, Markets, Bars, Tuk-tuks, Celine Dion, Pink taxis and Lady boys…the list goes on.  Oh wait!  Also Beer, Hotties, Beauties and me, Fink Kardashian – this will be Bangkok’s best week EVER!
First day out we went to the GRAND PALACE….I just have to say wow, Wow, WOW.  The history is so rich ,the Gold, the colors, the statues, the temples…sigh.   We learned so much especially on how Thai people love the Royal family and the King.

The meaning of all the colors on the temple especially about the Emerald Buddha and how the king changes the Buddhas outfit accordingly to the 3 seasons they have in Thailand. Also learned about Monks and the past history and how they only need 15 weeks to be monks before they get married. If I was a Monk, i would need a glittered robe.

fink3 fink4 fink5

fink6 fink7

Love GOLD and BLING and CHAMPAGNE but for now, we are only doing gold and Bling. Its been a hot ass day – now we need to go to Bangkok’s world famous party center, Khao San Road PARTY town.   Just need to stage where I will drink and stand and be cute for all the hotties….LOL.

KHAO SAN ROAD is a BLOCK Party every night. Lady Boys, Ping Pong shows, Prostitutes are just minimal…What’s real is that you get your vodka served in a bucket, which for me is no problem.

It’s so much fun to make new friends especially explaining to them where the hell is BELIZE or the late midnight dares to eat krispy scorpions I LOVE THIS PLACE.


Thai People love ROCK AND ROLL but I miss my Señor Marlins twerk music. So far, we met a couple from the UK – Grant and Beth- LOVELY couple. We dutty wine to ROCK and ROLL maybe setting the a new trend since Grant is half Jamaican.

MOJITO TIME….OMG so good! fink9



Well that’s it for now…There are lots of photos, stories and f**ed up adventures coming on Bangkok 2.0. Especially the night Life, Wanna know what happens after this?

Stay tuned as am excited to write more about NIGHTS IN BANGKOK….I will leave you with some extra photos. Cause Finn Kardashian loves his readers!  As I always say stay cute, be posh and live like you don’t know what tomorrow is


fink12 fink13 fink14 fink15




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