Independence Eve’s HUGE PARTY & The First Ever 21st Jump-Up Parade Rain Out

It was the BIG holiday weekend across Belize.  Independence Day – Belize’s 34th.  And San Pedro was kicking it off with a Sunday night, Independence Eve, celebration in the back Football Field, musical performances including one by Soca star Ricardo Drue..and a huge fireworks display.


The weather looked iffy that afternoon but the event turned out AMAZING.  Follow DFphotos_BZE on Instagram.  Looking at the STUNNING photos he took of the event.  Check out his videos also…totally awesome.

I can’t believe I was sleeping!   AHHHHH!!!! Ozzie the Clown.


Ricardo Drue and the queen of the Bacchanal.



And then after the fireworks…and everyone went to the clubs…at about 3am, the skies opened.  After months of drought…and it POURED.  5 inches overnight well into the morning.

The parade was supposed to line up at noon…and was postponed.  We heard that Belize City had cancelled their parade…that Corozal had paraded in the rain and that Orange Walk (THE BIG ONE) would start late…at 4pm.

And for the first time ever.  San Pedro cancelled it’s Independence Day parade.  Postponed actually…for Saturday the 26th.

I was sitting in my living room in my red white and blue and…it was sad.  So I took a walk to town to see what was going on…

The Holiday Hotel had a tent and bar set up outside…

IMG_5011 IMG_5010

Decorations were up…but soggy.


A few balloon covered carts were headed home.

IMG_5013 IMG_5016

All just a bit grey and sad…


After another inch or so of rain last night, the town looks fresh…new…ready for a parade.  Let’s see how it goes.  Celebrating the 21st on the 26th…will it be the same?


I will have to let you know.

Thank you SO MUCH DF PHOTOS for the amazing shots above…I love them and wish WISH I had been out there.   It looks killer.


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