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How Often Do You Have to Make this Decision? Ted Talk or Gothic Cruise in Belize

For some reason, October 1st is a very busy day in Belize.  Sure it’s the opening of Conch Season…and that is great.  But two big events are happening.  One, I have been looking forward to for MONTHS and one, I found out about relatively recently but really REALLY wanted to attend.

What would you choose?


A Tedx Talk in Belize.  The very first of its kind.  Topic:  Changing the Conversation.  And I LOVE the hash tag.  #MekWiTalk

Over the last few weeks, they have announced speakers that I admire greatly…like photographer and writer of some powerful blog posts about important issues, Tony Rath and feminist, lawyer and politician Lisa Shoman.  Here is the line-up.

I would love to attend.  And through asking…often…I received an invite.

Another event I would love to attend is…brace yourself…the GOTHIC CRUISE 2015!

gothic cruise

I had NO idea that theme cruises were “a thing”.  But they are more than that…they are a big deal.  There are all sorts of cruise tours available for people with interests ranging from cats – The Meow Meow Cruise (no, your cat is not allowed on board) to a quilters’ cruise (there is a travel agency called to a Holiday Swingers Bash.

“Our customers are lifestylers, nudists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and sexy couples that just want to spend some quality adult time away from the kids.”   Huh.

Unfortunately NONE of these cruises is coming to Belize.  But the Gothic Cruise is…and I’ve wanted to go to the cruise ship village to check it all out for months now.

I’ve secured an invite by the Cruise Ship Village.

A Gothic blog suggested it might look something like this on the ship.  Sunblock, I am sure, is in the SPF triple digits.


Or this from


This was a choice almost unfair to make.  But I’m off tomorrow morning EARLY and can only do one.

I’ll be reporting back.

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4 thoughts on “How Often Do You Have to Make this Decision? Ted Talk or Gothic Cruise in Belize

  1. Zola

    TEDx. Def TEDx. Partly because I wish I was there to attend it! But primarily because cruise ships come and go, literally, and you can do that any where. But the inaugural TEDx talk in Belmopan? The first of it kind in the country? You’ll be a part of history. It’s a no brainier. It only happens once. It’s a great initiative on their part and definitely worth attending.

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