Two New MUCH Needed Schools Coming to San Pedro, Belize

As of 2023, neither of these schools have opened – and I’m not sure they ever will.

Belize is a VERY young country…the median age is 21.8.  The median age of Americans is 38.  In San Pedro, there are children GALORE.

Just yesterday, while driving north, I noticed this sign (that I’d noticed before) but actually turned off…

South of Captain Morgan’s Resort and north of El Pescador, there is a small sign, a turn-off into the mangroves…


Living Tree Academy School.  The website says it will be a primary and secondary school.  “The goal of LTA is to help every child pursue education. This will enable them to maximize their ability by giving and serving to their family, community, country and the world. Our mission is: Giving access to educational opportunities worldwide.
Living Tree Academy helps supply educational materials, scholarships, books, and uniforms for education in Belize as well as community service in the areas of medical and public works.”

We now only have one secondary school on the island – San Pedro High School…

Here is what stands at the LTA property now…


And from their facebook page…the plans look AMAZING.  And includes a public library.  Holy campus!


The other campus being readied on the island (in the VERY beginning stages) is the popular Sagebrush Church.  They currently pack the house at the Theater just across the bring each Sunday…with what I hear is a positive, community minded, non-judgemental message.

paradise theater

Though not religious, I DO want to attend a service.

They have recently purchased a nice chunk of land just across the river.  JUST after you pay your toll to go over the bridge north…look to your left.  Right along the water…a seawall is already going in.


I hear it will be a church and a school and more…

Stay tuned.  And OF COURSE let me know if you have any information…the scoop if you will…

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