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A Ride Up the Ambergris Coast…Construction!

I know, I know…the story today FOR SURE is the massive amount of rain and wind we’ve been getting as a tropical depression passed over us this weekend.  Rain seems as though it will continue for the next few days but nothing like it Friday-Saturday.  Or let’s hope.


My favorite sites to check current and future conditions are:

Windfinder for Ambergris Caye

Belize Hydromet (it’s currently working) – which provides this current picture of what has passed and what’s coming


And Wunderground/Ambergris Caye – also not the prettiest picture.

For some pictures of current conditions, you can check out my Facebook page.  This blog is about a boat ride up the coast and the construction.  OH MY.  Until this weekend…October was a beaut.  HOT but sunny.

Since the road going north has become SO much better, I haven’t taken the Coastal Express Water Taxi north in a few months…

One week ago today.

Grand Caribe Resort.  Already the largest on the island, they are constructing a new 5 story building on the north side.



And then Coco Beach and the new Venezia.  Wow…

IMG_5681 IMG_5683

We did a drop off at Las Terrazas


And the old Journey’s End Resort – which is now some sort of youth camp.


A gorgeous day for a boat ride.


My drop off at about 4.5 miles north…


…off for their next stop.

IMG_5695 IMG_5697

Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Belize City on the 6:30am water taxi (rain and wind included!) for a Social Media event…I’ll be reporting back.

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  1. Susan

    you could just walk around posting photos anywhere I’d be happy! Just love seeing San Pedro and Island from your perspectives.

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