An Exhibit for International Archaeology Day & Beautiful Days on Ambergris Caye

The last two days have been just gorgeous – as the rain storm that lingered over us for 4 or 5 days moved out – and then headed to the Pacific to become something horrible, Hurricane Patricia.  The news was in full fury last night (along with the storm) – touting (and almost rejoicing in) the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  I’m not sure many went to sleep easily, worried about our neighbors and relatives to the North.

The reports this morning are showing that the storm weakened considerably – THANK GOODNESS.  But the exact effects will probably become more clear over the next few days and we are certainly praying for everyone.

There is no smooth segue from that to the beautiful crystal clear weather we’ve been having here…but when a storm passes, it does leave the air almost sparkling.  And it has been…

Walking over the Barry Bowen Bridge on Thursday and along Boca Del Rio.  The beach drive…


IMG_6090 IMG_6091



And yesterday…


The road about 3 miles north.


Yesterday I also followed a line of school kids’ into an exhibition at the fantastic San Pedro House of Culture.  I’m SO glad this opened about a year ago and SO amazed with how active the members, especially Mito Paz, have been with new and fun exhibits.



Here’s a bit of what I saw – most has a reddish tinge since we were under a bright red Coca-Cola tent.

Chris from the Belize Chocolate Company was showing how we make chocolate today in almost the same way as the Maya.  The machines are automated…true.  But they are still stone on stone.


And Mito teaching the kids (and adults) how to write their names in the Maya glyphs.


This woman who does lovely carvings in slate…she showed me the new tools and the ones the Maya used hundreds of years ago.


IMG_6114And then inside to see some gorgeous pottery found right here on the island.


IMG_6121Most pieces were found at the Marco Gonzalez site about 5 miles south of town but some right in the center of San Pedro – where Central Park now sits.

This island (and entire country) are probably covered with Maya pottery shards, vessels, bones…it’s quite amazing.


One thousand years ago, the population of Belize topped one million…3 times what it is today.  Think of what’s out there left to be discovered.


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