A Brilliant Week of Sunsets in Belize

Google, I asked, what makes for a beautiful sunset?  All this week in San Pedro (from my perspective) and across Belize (as shown on Instagram), the sunsets in particular have been absolutely gorgeous.  Humidity?  Clouds?  Storms?

Well…yes.  And more.  According to this National Geographic article, the answer is…exceedingly dull.   So instead, I’ll just show you some pictures.  This week in October in Belize.

I took these three photos on the drive north a few days ago.

IMG_6129 IMG_6137

And now that someone has pointed out the giant pig head in this one…it’s all I can see.


And then the same trees in my backyard from opposite directions….pretty no matter which way you look.IMG_4654 IMG_4657

The view over the sea (east) is just as pretty as that of the setting sun.

IMG_4704 IMG_4708

And now some photos from around Belize.  Instagram saves me from having to be in 5 places at once and in many cases, access to some amazing photographers that would take WAY better pictures than I would.   Like…

Some photos from @sevencontinentssasha – who also has a blog about her travels around the world.  GORGEOUS sunset photos on Caye Caulker, Belize.


And this one.


A beauty from the Back Side of San Pedro from @kellz.bz


Another from Caye Caulker – A GORGEOUS SHOT by @desktodirtbag.  He’s even got a book for sale:  Big Travel, Small Budget.  What a photo!


And then an Insta-follow must if you love Belize – @dfphotos_bz.  He is all over the country taking pictures of Mennonites and Maya, of mountains and beaches.

Here’s the sun setting over the mountains outside Hopkins Belize.


And then the beach.


And @starryn1ght3 took this fantastic shot of her and her friend at Caye Caulker’s Lazy Lizard.  And then the sun took over…


And Caye Caulker again by @bellacoola.

Through the mangroves…


All in the last 3 days.

It’s been a hot beautiful week for sunning, diving and swimming and for sunsets.   And tonight’s full moon should make things even prettier…

One note:  The mosquitos sure seem to be enjoying it all too. 🙁

If you have an excellent sunset shot, please send to me, I’d love to add it to the list and post it on Facebook and well…just generally adore it.  With all credit for you.  Have a great day.  It looks like another HOT one.

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