Estel’s Re-Opens: Familiar, Delicious but With a Few Upgrades

Estel’s Dine by the Sea has been closed for over a month – and many residents of San Pedro have been jonesing for the fry jacks, the BBQ and the comfortable breakfast-all-day spot where you can sip your coffee with your toes in the sand.

Well…just a few days later than originally planned, they are open.  Today was the first day.  And a few days ago, I showed you a construction zone…after working until midnight last night, they were ready to open.


And manager and son of the founders Estrella and Charlie looked very happy indeed.  Here are the pictures that I took.  I was going to post them on Facebook, but there were a few too many.  And any Facebook album over about 5 pics?  I pass right by.  So here’s what I saw and ate today.

Here’s Charles.  He said he’s been dreaming of this bar area for about 6 years.



The area used to hold the “family table” basically one large dining room table where anyone could sit.  But a bit confusing to newbies.  This huge bar area is much more inviting…

And Charles now says he is able to stay open like a bar…until midnight.  He’s thinking dinner…maybe a few nights a week…but he’s not making any promises.  Yet.

evening at estels

It’s a GREAT spot for the evening – right on the beach, beautiful lit.  It will be just about perfect for an event like the Lighted Holiday boat parade.IMG_5652

All the art is front of center – Estel’s is almost a gallery now!IMG_5653 IMG_5654

And the original floor has been unveiled.  Sand on the patio and that which is tracked in inside…IMG_5656

Just as I requested CONCH SOUP!


But I had a bit of breakfast.  I HAVE MISSED YOU FRY JACKS!  I think they tasted better than ever…IMG_5659

And dipped them in my friend’s conch soup.  Spicy, cilantro-y with sweet tender conch.  SO GOOD.IMG_5660

AND, on the table, Marie Sharp’s New Edition smoked hot sauce.  This is my favorite flavor of hers BY far.  I need to know when this special edition is over…if ever…so that I can buy a case.  I’m not even a big hot sauce fan but add this to eggs…or rice when you are cooking it and it is DELICIOUS.

marie sharp

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