Finn Kardashian Takes on SouthEast Asia 6.0: The Islands of Thailand (The Thai-slands)


Last we left Fin (who is currently in Vietnam and will be home HOME! in 10 days), he was partying his Belizean butt off at the HUGE Full Moon Party but he had more exploring to do of the Thai Islands.   There are hundreds of them and most were unpopulated.  But more and more they are growing as a HUGE tourist destination….here’s a map.  For the lay of the land.


Take it away Finn…

Hello World,
I am currently in Vietnam and having the time of my life. Sorry for the late post but I’ve been on the road A LOT and Wi-Fi is bad at times. From Airplanes, Trains, Boats, Shuttles, the backpacker life is HARSH LOL.  The last 2 weeks,  we had been visiting THE ISLANDS OF THAILAND.  ANd they are simply beautiful.
Our Route started at KHO PHANGAN (full moon party)———>KO TAO——>KO PHI PHI——>PHUKET——>BANGKOK
KO TAO is cute island known for its snorkelling and its Choppers Bar Hopping…MUCH fun.  We went on a all day tour around the island was good but the main attraction never happened. NO SHARKS, bummer.


Sunset here is just complete bliss.


Snorkeling was good – the reef here is pretty much alive.


Our boat’s name was Popeye and the staff?  Good times.



One more stop and time for a beer.


Was such lovely day, now its time to get back to our hostel since we have Bar Hopping to do and a drag show. I had noticed that drag queens are everywhere here. The show starts at nine and our bar hopping route stops there for a 30 min free show of the cabaret.

KO TAO knows how to party!


islands11 islands13

Well that’s all on Ko Tao….How about we talk about the Phi Phi islands? We left on a 12 hr dorm barge to get here then we had to take 2 hr bus ride and then another 2 hr boat ride.  #Dead. This town is crazy touristy – I hope my San Pedro never gets this way.


Finally our taxi to pick up our luggage.


Making the Scoop famous. 5% of the people we have met know where Belize is the other 95% say “Oh Ok BELIZE! Nice” then a complete moment of silence, a question then follows…where is BELIZE??? (LMAO)



We are going to the BEACH like in the movie with Leonardo de Caprio (but hopefully a little less murder and shark attacks) – but it was too smoggy since there was a major fire in Indonesia all the smoke came this way. You would think that the king of Thailand would have like fixed it for me. 🙁


MONKEY BAY all the monkeys gather at the beach tourist bring them food and water.

islands19 islands20islands21

Sorry i don’t have a picture of the actual beach – I wasn’t impressed. But dinner and a fire show would heal that.


PHUKET there is a wide variety of beaches, some calm, some totally ruined by visitors each year.  The garbage on the beach was very bad, too touristy and just busy as hell. Patong is one of the party capitals of Asia, Lady boys, Crazy Cancun style night clubs and lots of pingpong shows. Prostitution at its best.


Didn’t do much here just sleep and go out at night. At the moment am in the Beautiful Country of Vietnam. You guys have no idea how awesome this place is. I have left my heart there.
As Always be Cute and be merry.

And for Finn’s travels through Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Laos and more…see the list below.  Super fun.  A Belizean in SouthEast Asia and the FIRST in LAOS!

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