My Week(s) on Instagram: Ambergris Caye, Belize City and Houston

The last two weeks have FLOWN by…it’s as though mid-October disappeared.  Lucky for me, I have photographs…and lots of them.   And it’s what I love Instagram for – it’s quick, it’s casual and gives you a glimpse into peoples’ lives without all the chatter.

Like TV personality Adrienne Bailon – who has 2 million+ followers – and is on some daytime show called “The Real”.  I know her as being Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend.

She posted that she was on Ambergris Caye, Belize – and this photo.

adrienne bailon

I’m quite sure that’s not Ambergris Caye – does anyone know where it is?  Belize City?  And WOW – the air conditioning must be AMAZING so that one can wear this much make-up in the Belize heat/humidity.

adrienne 2

Ok, ok…back to my life.  I’m sure if I keep chugging along, I’ll have 2 million Insta-followers by…2200?

Starting with my trip to Houston to join Southwest on their first flight to Belize.  It was an amazing whirlwind…

From Belize…

IMG_4399 IMG_4423 IMG_4426 IMG_4427

Houston, in full pumpkin spice madness at the Galleria…


And back!  Here’s the bulk of my luggage on the return.



Yes…I was the ONLY person out of about 2000 dressed with a theme.


And my return to Ambergris Caye – I fell asleep just after passing over Caye Caulker’s Split.  Still gorgeous on a grey day.


I was back for RAIN.  At least one foot of it in just a few days.

IMG_4551 IMG_4575

And the re-opening of Estel’s on the beach.  Brisket with cheddar omlette is perfect grey-day food.  Fry jacks don’t hurt…


Full even in mid-October, our seat was reserved as we left.  VIP?  Adrienne Bailon?!

And after the storm passed, the weather became just gorgeous.  Sparkly and crisp (for Belize).  I consider “crisp” less than 75% humidity.  In October?  That’s a rare thing.



I bought some fresh coconut water and fresh squeezed oil.  According to the internet, I shall now live forever.  (And that will definitely help me with my Insta-goal of 2+ million.)


Here’s what the Whole Foods Market ‘wall of coconut waters’ looks like in Houston…flavored, unrefrigerated and none tasting as good as this gallon I just bought for $10bzd.


More eating…

$4bzd pork tacos at La Hora Taco.  My favorite.


One of the cheapest lunches in town – on the Back Street.  You can buy a 1/4 chicken dark, fresh salsa and a stack of fresh corn tortillas.  $5bzd.  And DELICIOUS.  I mean…even the chicken is giving you the thumbs up!


The town feels like it is starting to bustle again…there are visitors wandering the streets…everything is open and ready.  Almost…


And the weather from sunrise to sunset is spectacular…


As for me, I am dog sitting for my Elsie for the week…this one is titled:  TAKE NICE ELSE!


And today off to the SAGA Humane Society’s BIG Halloween party – probably the biggest fundraiser of the year…I hope to see you there.



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