The Rain and Invest 92L Seems Relentless Right Now…All Over the Country of Belize

Take to social media and what you see is photos of rain…what seems like relentless rain over this weekend.   A Tropical Depression that is called 92L and now to our west but followed by heavy showers and not-insignificant winds.

Belize Hydromet – our local radar system shows this:


And our San Pedro Town Council just met with a few precautions enacted.  Please keep you eyes on their Facebook page for updates.

The San Pedro Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) met at midday today, Sunday, October 18, 2015, to discuss the weather situation on the island.

A tour of the island was conducted by NEMO personnel, other authorities and volunteers.

•The San Pedro EOC has been partially activated.
•So far, a family of three (3) individuals were evacuated from the San Mateo Area and placed in a shelter at the San Pedro High School (S.P.H.S.).

•As of midday, all water taxi runs to Belize City has been suspended until further notice.
•Flights to Belize City have been diverted to the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA).

Classes will continue as per usual, tomorrow, October 19, 2015.

The San Pedro EOC will meet again at 6:30 p.m., today, October 18, 2015.

NEMO advises all residents to be alert on any official updates that may arise.

The view from the balcony I am on shows HARD rain.  But I am lucky to be in this spot…by the beach, a few feet above sea level.  Because much of the coastline is not.


Here is San Pedro, Chefy, who lives a bit back from the beach isn’t seeing the same sort of drainage. @sefpaz


And north of the bridge in San Pedro (the road is a bit of a dam causing even more water to pool up), here is a photo by @JenniferIlene


And the beach in the town center by Cholo’s Bar…

beach 2

beach 1

Here is a photo from Instagrammer @theglobetrotterextraordinaire as he waits for his flight at Caye Caulker airstrip.

caye caulker runway

Out in the center of the country, Instagrammer @nadsbourne shot this picture in San Ignacio.

san ignacio

And the from Instagram @boombangaz in Belize City.  Which is mostly below sea level.  School has already been cancelled tomorrow for Belize City according to NEMO and the Amandala newspaper.  “No school for Belize City schools on Monday, Oct. 19 due to flooding and its impacts. Some schools are also being used as shelters.”

belize city

Instragram @missrocke had maybe my favorite hashtag.  Or least favorite?  #ThisCanalHasCrocodiles

Careful kids!


And @ehtrainer in Belize City shows us #LifeAtSeaLevel.


My friend in Sarteneja sent me a few shots by his house…the roads in and out of the village are TOTALLY flooded.  He is standing in a ditch in the road.


And for finding a little (needed) humor in what is a scary situation for many – Instagrammer @Don_Alexander_Armstrong.

how my belize city

And if you are on Instagram, follow @waldobz – he’s got some crazy video on the streets in Belize City.  Absolutely unbelievable how much water is there.

Be safe everyone.  Windfinder show this rain coming (at various strengths) until Wednesday.

And if you have any additional pictures for me to post, please send to [email protected].  Again.  Stay home, stay safe!

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