Ambergris Caye’s New Restaurants Going International…Two Tree Banh Mi, The Sandwiches I LOVE!

2015 is the year of International Cuisine on Ambergris Caye, Belize.   Almost every new place that is opening is offering the island something new…


Like Indian on Middle Street.


Italian south of town.


Malaysian/SE Asian at RASA and South American style Arepas AND nutty ice cream flavors at The Truck Stop.


And paletas, the Mexican, Central American treat, at San Pedrano store (on the front street) AND La Divina Providencia (in Escalante, south of town) – best use of $2bzd there is.

I had a fresh strawberry and peanut butter one yesterday and it was…divinity on a stick.  The top is like peanut butter cookie dough…the bottom just fresh/sugarless strawberries.  A startingly perfect combo.


But now we have VIETNAMESE sandwiches right on the beach…and my LOVE of cilantro (I wrote a whole ode to it) and even deeper, NJ born and bred love of subs…hoagies…SANDWICHES…it was meant to be.

Two Tree Banh Mi, right on the beach in Boca Del Rio.  A small menu, a simple stand and fresh flavorful deliciousness.


Cori has been on the island for 6 years and knows what she is doing.  And the view as you wait for your pork meatballs to be grilled?  Spectacular.


And the two hugging seagrape trees just in front.


Simple stand.  You can see it to the left – part of Wally’s apartment building.


And the view of the neighbors to the south.  Sandbar Hostel/Bar/Restaurant and then Melt Cafe.  It’s a whole food court.


And then the foot-longs.  Peanut chicken satay…


…homemade peanut sauce, lots of chicken, lots of cilantro and crispy carrot sticks and cucumbers.

And my favorite.  The pork meatballs.  The meatballs alone so flavorful…but with veg and picked jalapenos and basil mayo and…all that cilantro.  OH MY.


OH and then Day 2.


Huge…half for lunch, half for dinner kinda sandwiches.  Or all for lunch if you are REALLY hungry.

And they have a few seats and tables there…but you can also walk about 15 feet down to the beach and enjoy it.  In your golfcart…or someone else’s.  Just make sure to brush out the crumbs.  Or on the beach or the dock…

View north.


View south.


View about to be eaten.

my mouth

Cori is open 6 days a week (Mondays EXCLUDED) 11am to 5pm.  A small operation but a DELICIOUS one.  I will do my best to eat here often.

I’m sure I can make that happen.

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