Finn Kardashian Takes SE Asia: Episode 7.1, I LOVE YOU VIETNAM


Hello World,

I want to make this blog extra special for that extra special country in Southeast Asia – the beautiful country of Vietnam. Been traveling for over 2 months our flight was from Bangkok to Hanoi just expecting “SAME SAME” but Vietnam is just extra special. We landed at 3pm and got to our HOTEL (ASIA STAR HOTEL) at 5ish, The owner of the hotel Tony Hoang was right there waiting for us and boy, he is just the most hospitable and charming man you could ever meet in this town. Natasha’s friend Scott Hay, the writer of the book –Bleeding Hearts -met us and took us to what was the first best night in HANOI.

Food galore in tiny chairs with the never ending flow of beers is just what Finn Kardashian needs after that long ass flight.



Homemade ham wrapped in herbs to accompany our beer.  Mmmmm….



BEER is so cheap here, one thing that you learn here is that Vietnamese people love to “cheers” and you either drink or bottoms up. It’s their call…I am liking this.

Tomorrow is our friend Scott’s Birthday there is so much to do here from walking the lake, to puppet shows, Karaoke, Clubs, Sight seeing, lots of food and beer – VIETNAM is AWESOME The absolute best!

And there was KEVIN the owner of Kevin’s TRAVEL took us on a whole  day excursion of pottery making, drinking a famous EGG COFFEE that mother-blogger would love, and more eating.

(From “Mother-Blogger”:  An egg coffee is a Vietnamese drink (served mostly in Hanoi cafes) which is traditionally prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Robusta coffee. The drink…was described by BuzzFeed as a “liquid tiramisu”.  How did I miss this when I was in Hanoi 15 years ago!  MUST RETURN!)


Ceramics here are so gently made…

…here we are trying and…failing.


Kevin look at me with the expression on his face of:  ummmm….what is that? I was like that a gift for Tony, it’s a paper holder. He said just take a picture and send it to him instead.  LMAO v9

Time for some lunch and Kevin is taking us to have local delicious cuisine in the old downtown of Hanoi with some famous EGG COFFEE.





Our Friend Caitlin who we met while we were lost at the airport – they were lost too. Taking a photo.


Now time to go power nap and get dressed its SCOTTS BIRTHDAY and they planned a hot pot for us with champagne, vodka, and more booze….


v17 v18 v19

NOW time for some KARAOKE….Katy Perry and Gaga in mind. 🙂



Time for some clubbing…


Our route the next day is to Ha Long Bay – an AMAZING world heritage site.

halong bay

Am currently back in San Pedro but I’ve been on buses, trains, planes and more and more – I have good excuses for being behind!

PART 2 coming soon
But as always be cute and be merry




And here’s the most sad part…


Belize City to Hanoi is just about 9600 miles.



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