Finn Kardashian: Vietnam, I Love You, Episode 7.2 – Halong Bay & Hanoi


Hello world,

Greetings from my beautiful country of Belize, Sorry for the late blog but been here and there and everywhere. Kind of a celebrity in my own town. So now let’s talk about that country in Southeast Asia that stole Finn Kardashian’s heart (note from SPS:  he now speaks in the third person!).  Am still in love with VIETNAM!  How about we start with our over night adventure in Ha Long Bay.  If it is not apparent, I am so so infatuated with this country.

Ha Long Bay has been recognized by UNESCO as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE, we left early in the morning shuttle – took about 4 hours to get there and then the magical boat ride took us around the entrance, The bay features thousands of limestone karst’s and isles in various sizes and shapes.

Halong Bay translates to “where the dragon descended into the sea”.  You’ll see why…

Day 1:  Halong Bay

KEVIN’S TRAVEL HANOI made all our reservations, even Kevin himself decided to join us for the next 24 hours of just sight seeing and fun. WE LOVE KEVIN!
Our over night boat ride was about 100$ USD included transportation to and from the hotel, Kayaking into caves, Sunset Cocktail Party, two Lunchs, Dinner, after dinner deck party, breakfast, cooking class –  “I am now a spring roll master” and going to the biggest cave ever,  Good deal. Kevin is the best.


Entrance into Ha Long Bay is so Magical the dragon at the bow of our boat just adds that extra touch to it.


Our room…


Now time for some lunch and Kayaking.  Kevin having fun with us…


the view from our lunch window is so incredible I forgot to even take a photo of the food…


Time to explore the magic of Halong Bay.


fv8fv9 fv10


theres Kevin again always making sure we are having the time of our lives.



this place was so cute…monkeys were way on the top. time for beer and sunset.



just another sunset to keep in my heart. There are truly no words to describe the sunset. Breath taking.



Day Two:  CAVE and Cooking Class



After a million steps to heaven we finally got there and all i can say is wow, keep my mouth shut and enjoy the moment!



…and out we go time for some cooking class, Vietnamese Spring Rolls is the main Objective I LOVE IT!


AND that was it for Ha Long Bay now back to Hanoi for our last night and then to Ho Chi Minh City.
On our last day in Vietnam we finally saw Tony and Scott for our last lunch together 🙁




The last thing we did in Hanoi was watch a puppet show based in the life of Hanoi. It was our last hours here.


fv34 fv36 fv35

Pretty Cool.  And there is Scott.



Never felt so sad to leave a place. Now time to fly to Ho Chi Minh City.


fv40 fv41

And thats all I got from Vietnam. I am going to be honest, I have never been so moved by the charm, warmth, love and hospitality of any culture but of the Vietnamese people. I have traveled the world and I have never ever wanted to live or move to another town in my life.

TONY HOANG Thank you for making me fall in love with your Country. Thanks for making me sing Karaoke and taking the best care of us.
KEVIN HOANG am moved by your personality and your charisma, thanks for showing us Vietnam can’t wait to be back.
SCOTT HAY Bleeding Hearts is a hit, Am so happy i met you. Thanks for recommending Tony and Kevin to us. we will be back.

If i could turn time i could do it all over again. MISS YOU GUYS.

See you soon. FINN K
As Always Be Cute and Be Merry.

And from the Scoop:  We are accumulating quite a library of Kardashian Travel Guides…from Central America to SE Asia.  See below for more FIN!

TBF:  Underwater smug Fin in Nicaragua.


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