Saturday Snapshots: My Week on Ambergris Caye

Ahhh the past week and a half…Halloween, dog sitting up north, SUN and lots of driving back and forth up and down the island.

Here are my snapshots…my life around the island.  I remain Insta-obsessed so almost all of them are on there…even this braggy one about my new Insta-milestone.  I’m only about 64.13 million behind Kim Kardashian!


Halloween at both the SAGA Kids, Pets and Adults event…


…and for the Holiday Hotel.IMG_4828

For all the pictures, check out the blogs listed below.

My dog ward, Elsie.


And one of my cats, Papusa, NOT enjoying all the alone time.


While we are on an animal kick…one of my favorite signs in town.  Art really.


Perhaps I should try to categorize…food, restaurants and new businesses around town?

Gorgeous fry jacks at Estel’s By the Sea.


A pretty deli on Middle Street.IMG_4800

A new restaurant just south of town – that used to be George’s Kitchen…

My favorite snack food…paletas by Regina.  Enjoying a pina colada one…maybe my third for the week?  All fresh fruit and deliciousness.IMG_4830

And I made it to Briana’s Deli in time for the special!   After 1pm?  Sold out for sure.IMG_4870

Sandy Toes’ Bar is starting anew.  It was just last year they were building…and then he lost the lease and is starting again RIGHT NEXT DOOR!  Great location…love the corner lot.IMG_4909

A place called Maverick’s Tex-Mex has opened where DJ’s Burgers and Beach Bar used to be…

Looks like there is plenty of work to do.


And then the weather….it’s been hot and gorgeous.  We had a bit of rain this week but it brought some spectacular rainbows.

IMG_4734 IMG_4773 IMG_4851 IMG_4866 IMG_4914 IMG_4880 IMG_4923 IMG_4852 IMG_4854 IMG_4902

And then the sunsets…


And just before i go…some beautiful photos taken by others on Instagram…there are so many but these ones struck me.IMG_4831 IMG_4838 IMG_4868I start the week in Ambergris Caye and then I’m headed south to help with an animal spaying and neutering clinic in Dangriga, Southern Belize (where we found Elsie just about a year ago)…

I’ll be reporting back.



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