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Shopping San Pedro, Belize: RubiMoon, A Step into A Beautiful World

I have been re-reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” recently – and as usual – I am totally sucked in to the worlds of India and Bali.  For some INSANE reason…the Italy/EAT part of the book is nice but the one I would most quickly thumb through.


The beauty, spirituality, foreign-ness of both of those two places (as portrayed by Elizabeth Gilbert) is magical.   So…it was all quite fitting to walk into RubiMoon Boutique in San Pedro…filled with all sorts of things India and Bali…and Belize.

Maya Bags made in Punta Gorda and Ganesh.

They’ve got some beautiful stuff – I stopped in to see a new shipment from Bali.  And while I might not wear everything there (or, better said, couldn’t pull off everything there), I love Anke’s taste.  She designs most of the clothing herself.

The back of a jersey dress
The back of a jersey dress

So take a look.  And then please hang on to the end…because today is the day that I’m going to start shamelessly and annoyingly begging you to send me to India.  Not very spiritual/namaste?  Maybe right…but I REALLY want to go.


Ok…back to Rubimoon Boutique and a quick look around.  So that you can either go to the store on Front Street, San Pedro – or check out their website.

Cutest kids’ clothes.


And kids’ and adult sandals.  I bought the adult version of these for $20bzd.


All of these sandals are $20bzd!

IMG_6857 IMG_6880Know any little princesses?

IMG_6862 IMG_6863

Scarves, bags, jewelry, sarongs, dresses…

Here’s my friend Margie in a beautiful new one.


And Anke looking sexy in a jersey skirt.


And maybe one of my favorite things in the shop.  Simple (but well made) leggings and yoga pants – that have been hand embroidered by a Maya woman with the logo.


Top of the yoga pants, by the ankle in the leggings.


Borrowed foot from a customer who was loading up on $20bzd sandals.  How cute are these?


Super chic beach bag…


Everything in the boutique is gorgeous quality…and I think very reasonably priced.

To read more about the lovely owners of this shop, check out their write-up in International Living.  Anke and David moved to San Pedro and opened their store in the summer of 2012.  (After being married in Hawaii on the beach in 2011…)


And now to me me me.  And you will be hearing this RELENTLESSLY.  With some trepidation, I signed up for an online contest – to go to KERALA INDIA – for two weeks with a group of bloggers.

Pro:  TRIP TO INDIA FOR 2 WEEKS!  And though it seems like a country where 2 months would not be enough, this would be a fabulous introduction.  A trip of a life time.   Con:  Begging for votes and the uncertainty of a true introve

I will write much more about this opportunity over the next few days.  But if you would like to vote for me…and send me to India…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I promise to tell you ALL about it.

This is me:

And this is Kerala India!  I think that’s tea….


Belize:  8,867 square miles.  Population about 330,000.    Kerala, India:  15,005 square miles.  Poulation:  33+ million

I’m not sure of my chances….but I’d sure love to try.  And I’ll try not to check the site 150x a day.  TRY.


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11 thoughts on “Shopping San Pedro, Belize: RubiMoon, A Step into A Beautiful World

  1. Richard Lapensee

    Voted for you. The picture of Kerala is indeed tea, referred to locally as a tea garden, otherwise plantation. I was in India for 6 weeks in 2013 and Kerala was one of the places visited. Really gorgeous. If you win, hopefully you get an overnight cruise on a Kerala houseboat thru the internal waterways, a wonderful experience. Good luck in your quest.

  2. Randi Donselar

    Just a thought….get Robert Hawkins, Bound for Belize, which I also read, to do a post on this. Also,any other bloggers you know to support your quest! And I voted!

  3. Susan

    I voted for you AND I re-posted on my FB page and asked ALL my friends and buds to vote for you too! Can we vote more than once? I’ll keep re-posting for you on my page also…how often can a few of us make someone’s dream come true!

  4. lifeagain

    I voted for you and it took me to a facebook login……i do not have a facebook account….so i am not sure if my vote recorded….

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