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A Gorgeous Day To Walk The Beach…Somethings Never Change

This blog post is mostly about how beautiful the beach looked on my walk northward to the bridge on Thursday afternoon.


But inevitably…it turns into one about changes.  People that visit Ambergris Caye once a year (there are many of them) have been bowled over by this year’s changes on the island.  Perhaps it was the paving on the road north that kicked off an onslaught of building all over the island.

My walk north from Fido’s Bar (in the town center).

TOURISTS – hurray!


A Mayan saleslady’s spread…


The beach ahead of me…in front of Nook (now open for lunch!), Lily’s and Cholo’s.


And just to my right…Amigo’s Del Mar dock.

IMG_6732 IMG_6735

The gorgeous Phoenix Resort.


And the Wet Willy’s Dock.


One of my favorite seagrape trees in front of Sandbar Hostel.  Not a bad beach lounger for hostel life…


Some more shade…


And then to the old Sandy Toes Bar.  Apparently there was a lease dispute and Sandy Toes has moved right next door…and has a new name.

The old Sandy Toes Bar is now Playa Bar & Grill.


And Ishmael has moved right next door – built and opened “Time Out”.


Really…like deja vu.

Ishmael building Sandy Toes #1 over a year ago.


And this week at his new joint.  Sandy Toes #2 or Time Out Bar & Grill.  It’s all quite complicated.


But you can’t hold a good man down.  And the view?  It’s spectacular.  I like the corner spot!


I headed back to the street at the next corner…


Waiting for fry chicken at the Chinese shop…


And then this building…which has popped up overnight.  Does anyone know what it will be?


Sigh…what a pretty day.


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6 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day To Walk The Beach…Somethings Never Change

    1. Belize Blog

      Another? Jeez louise. Isn’t the one down by Annie’s also going to be a supermarket/hotel? I…ya. Need to figure out what supermarkets REALLY do to make money.

  1. marysaunders

    My guess is the markets make money with alcohol and health and beauty and maybe with high-priced limes and other things that go with alcohol.

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