A WINDY Boxing Day Walk North: From Costa Blu to X’tan Ha Resort on North Ambergris Caye

I am worried about the beaches!  The winds have been up to 30 mph for the past 4 or 5 days…and will continue a bit.   While the weather has been clear and sunny, THE WIND!  Great for sailing, bar hopping, pool lounging, kite boarding but tough for other activities.

Small craft advisories (boats) and warnings are in effect.

I took a drive…and then a walk northward.  Miles 6 and 7 on Ambergris Caye.  Boxing Day.  Here’s what I saw.  Costa Blu Resort – the old Costa Maya Resort (that closed maybe 4 years ago) – is looking fantastic.

Though when I see their logo, I think Citibank.  I’m not sure why…

IMG_8110 IMG_8111

A broad beach and a seawall…

IMG_8112 Waves coming over the wall…


And the lovely pool.

IMG_8128 IMG_8129

Great colors.  Great coconut trees!


I continued northward…UGH!

IMG_8132 IMG_8134

A pretty little moon face by someone’s front entrance.




Casa Rana.


And this unnamed beauty.


At the next property…I was stuck.  I had to head out to the road, the water was coming up too high.IMG_8142

A vulture flew a bit too close.  I’M STILL ALIVE!


Xtan Ha has a new sign…and quite a bit of building.



I walked down the path just north of the resort and the beach was getting pummeled.


And then to a small home being built just north…and the gorgeous view from the “bedroom”.

IMG_8150 IMG_8156

And a gorgeous little pup named Lucky sleeping in the corner…


A Cherrier?  A chihuahua terrier?  Who knows…he’s a cutie.

How you all had a fabulous Christmas and Boxing Day and are weathering the winds.  I was headed back down the Mata Grande Grocery Store for an iced cold Coke Light.


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