Community Spirit All Over San Pedro, Belize And A Call To Allen Iverson

Just a little newsletter about good things being done.  By neighbors, by local businesses and charities.   For all the bad news out there…let’s not forget the good.

Tres Cocos Trash Clean-Up Army

On the first Friday of every month, the Tres Cocos neighborhood gathers volunteers to pick up garbage.  Tres Cocos – in my estimation, runs from Reef Village – just north of the bridge up to and around the Palapa Bar.


Yesterday, with the help of Oceana Belize, the kids from Standards 4 to 6 from the Holy Cross School were enlisted.  And the team turned to an ARMY.



IMG_7093 IMG_7094

Heading out…kids were spread all along the road and beach.


And after the hard work and filling bags, the neighborhood volunteers met back at Marbuck’s Coffee at DayDreamin’ Bed & Breakfast Belize for some tasty donated snacks.

IMG_7125 IMG_7124 IMG_7126

Great work everyone!  And if you would like to help out – whether you are a resident or a visitor – the group meets on the first Friday of every month at the Theater, just north of the bridge.

Blue Water Grill Collects to Clean-Up Boca Del Rio Basketball Court & Invites Allen Iverson to Belize

Kelly and Mukul, the owners of Blue Water Grill as well as other businesses, have the community in mind with everything they do (read more here).  Each month, they pick a charitable cause in San Pedro – collect donations and then match (and often match again) to get the project done.

This month, the subject is the much used Boca Del Rio Basketball Court.  Here is a current picture of the basketball court with the world’s best view.

Needing love:

love needed

And what Blue Water Grill has to say:

“For December, we are raising money to fix up the Boca Del Rio Park (just south of the bridge) with new playground equipment, new basketball hoops, and lots of TLC.

We want our fellow Hoya, Allen Iverson, to come inaugurate the new basketball court and speak to the kids here. We’ll fly him and his family down here. We’ll put them up at The Phoenix. And we will NOT ask him about practice. Who can help us get in touch with him?”

Can anyone help?  I know we all can by donating some money at The Phoenix, the Blue Water Grill or Red Ginger Restaurant.  But does ANYONE know Allen?  Or Patrick Ewing?

If you want to show them a picture of The Phoenix, here’s one I took yesterday.


Coconut Carts’ Boca Poca Run

Coconut Carts is a new golf cart company in town and they are doing things a little bit differently.

Terry, the owner, wants to also give back to the community so he’s starting by organizing weekly poker runs – half the money goes to the winner of the event and half, to the San Pedro Food Bank.

I stopped by Sandbar to check out the scene, enter the run…and see one of the pretty snazzy new cart fleet.


One beautiful day for yesterday’s line-up.



My sticker is right up front!  Take my word for it.


In the end, they raised over $600 for the Food Bank – how awesome is that?  (Check out their facebook page for more info.)

They are doing a BIG Poca Run to kick off Christmas week…December 18th.  And hope to make it their biggest and most charitable one yet.


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