My Christmas Eve in San Pedro, Belize: From High Winds to a Blackout

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!  And I’ll admit, that title of this blog post doesn’t get you excited about Christmas in Belize, but it was much more beautiful than it sounds…

Here was my Christmas Eve.

The weather is absolutely beautiful but wildly windy for this time of year.  Gusts of up to 30 mph are making diving and snorkeling trips tough…but sailing and kite boarding, bar & restaurant hopping and pool sunning marvelous.


See?  Things could be WAY worse.


I ran into a guy that I met in Placencia a few years ago…he is now on Ambergris Caye and weaves some AMAZING stuff out of palm fronds.

I took some pictures as we waited for our Pork Meatball Banh Mi at Two Tree Bahn Mi…the ladies were hard at work.  I am SO hooked on these right now.  My very favorite lunch.


And here are the two seagrape trees outside.


I wish I could find my picture of him from Placencia.  It went totally Belize-viral when Belikin shared it.

Here he is yesterday over by the new Palapa Bar.


He is the master.  I must say, that this necklace/beer holder is the season’s COOLEST accessory.



And then we drove north.  And I ran into this complex-in-planning before The Truck Stop.

IMG_8058 IMG_8060

Wow.  Casitas Tres Cocos – an adults only resort.

Onward…a walk by the sea.  Almost chocolate-y with all this wave action.


This GORGEOUS bougainvillea – a creepy thorny vine – with peachy leaves.  Hot pink is everywhere on this island…but peach and lavender?  I’m going to need to take some branches.   Currently learning how to grow it from cuttings.


And then at about 5:57pm (according to the Belize Electricity facebook page)  – the power went out on Ambergris Caye.  Sigh…I forgot about this holiday tradition.


For restaurants and bars – all packed – UGH!  A bit of a holiday nightmare.  Luckily for me…it was a breezy night.

Power went back on in town at about 7:30pm and up north of the bridge at about 8:30pm.

And that’s that…I hope you all have a Merry Merry Happy Happy Christmas AND Boxing Day.  I have my favorite dog.  Possibly the world’s greatest.


She has her tree.


And I just received a box of the world’s MOST DELICIOUS jams…all the way from Michigan.



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