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San Pedro’s Christmas Lighted Boat Parade Rises Again – BIGGER AND BETTER!

After an official cancellation in late November, a new group taking the reins and a Saturday night weather postponement, San Pedro’s Holiday Lighted Boat Parade lined up last night and was…freaking awesome.

I arrived early…as always and stopped by Sandbar Hostel/Bar & Restaurant first to add my gift to the growing pile and to admire 176 boxes, bags, bikes and presents, all going to Ambergris kids in need.


And then out to take some pre-pics…while still daylight.  You never know what you are going to get when the lights go out.


Great seeing the Coast Guard at the event.  And here comes an angel!  Love it.


The Truck Stop’s boat was getting ready…


I made my way out to the new Palapa Bar at Wet WIlly’s Dock and stopped again.  MAN!  What a perfect night.


The boat YOLO was filling up with a full blown cocktail party…


Santa and an elf and a super fun crowd.


Okay, OKAY!  Let’s get to the parade.  The sunset and the boats bobbled around for quite a while.  I was laying on a dock and took these pictures…


Lovely angel…even her wings moved.


And then Ramon’s Village pulled up in a stunner.  GO RAMONS!  Playing music and…well just about everything.

IMG_7901 IMG_7907

And a very from the Truck Stop boat…

truck stop

YOLO looking great with all of her lights on…


The Truck Stop pulled forward (she would be shooting off fireworks later!) and a simple but beautiful little sailboat.


Love it!


ACES School went with a deck of cards theme.  Super cute too.


And then the crab!  Finally the line-up was starting (it took quite a while 🙂 )


Here’s what the boats look like when I don’t have my camera resting on the dock.


And the line-up…maybe 14 boats in all?


I hustled down to Palapa Bar, where the judges were seated, to get pictures of the boats “performing”.   The beach was lined with people and golfcarts…it was like a San Pedro drive-in theater.

Ramon’s, my obsession (I took about 100 pictures) and the GRAND WINNER!


Second place went to the beautiful angel.

Ramon’s threw out handfuls of candy to the crowd.  At least we know that they had the vote of every single kid.


And here comes the Truck Stop…fireworks time.


The Palapa Bar’s tubes are out – and the parade kept coming.


Super duper fun.  I walked to Central Park and the municipal dock was packed with people.


I hear that the crab took a dive into the sea at this point.  I MISSED IT!

Thanks SO MUCH to the organizers (you guys made this CRAZY HARD JOB LOOK EASY) – especially Brittney from Sandbar and Dee from Wayo’s and to all the boats and the volunteers…what a great great night.


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