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The Beautiful House Lights Of Ambergris Caye, Belize

I love to take a ride (or a walk) around San Pedro just before Christmas.  Houses and businesses, big and small, decorate for the holidays.  And the town and the Bowen & Bowen Christmas tree in Central Park are a great place to start.

Last night was a gorgeous evening to do it.  Flip flops and shorts, we started with an ice cream cone at the Truck Stop and one stunning sunset.

The sunset at Cocotal Inn…



IMG_7788 IMG_7799

Good-bye Truck Stop – we are headed into a CROWDED Friday night, pre-Christmas San Pedro.


The Front Street has some serious gems.

Ruby’s Hotel looking cute.

IMG_7809And the Holiday Hotel.



Above the Orange Gift shop.


Polo’s Golf Cart shop.


And this very simple set-up right across the street.  Beautiful.


And then the Phoenix…I took some pictures earlier in the week.  It’s just beautiful at night.


And onto the Middle Street.  Carumba’s Restaurant.


And Coral Cable.


The Tortillaria – El Patio.


And the Pupusaria.IMG_7818

And Ms. Nelly’s house.


And a beautiful manger scene.IMG_7822

And then just around the bend.IMG_7808

On the Back Street, beautiful little EVERYTHING store Mini Tienda Katherin.  All new marley on display – it’s an old time Belize tradition to cover your floor with new marley (the stick on floor covering) each Christmas – and maybe get new curtains.


And then back by the lagoon.


And this one also down by the lagoon…I forgot to stop by to see her lighted.


Oh!  One more…MELT Cafe on the beach side in Boca Del Rio.


Beautiful.  It’s part of what I love about San Pedro during the holidays.  And tonight…TONIGHT! is the lighted boat parade.  And…I fear for the weather.


But let’s think positive thoughts because this is SUCH a fun event.

See you there.


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3 thoughts on “The Beautiful House Lights Of Ambergris Caye, Belize

  1. Susan

    Should almost be a full moon on Monday also. This is the first year in decades that Christmas Eve will have a big full moon! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish I was there!!!!

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