The Tree in Central Park, Moving Town Vendors & THE Holiday Boat Parade!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in San Pedro, Belize.  So pretty, that while we were out driving to town, a crocodile was just slowing making his way north…just paddling along.  Almost…cute…


I must be in the Christmas spirit!


Town was hopping with visitors and change.  The town tree is going up…sponsored, I believe, by Bowen & Bowen.


And the town palapa is coming down – I have heard that palapa material is now banned in the town center due to flammability.  So perhaps a new roof is going up?  That covered area is used quite a bit…


The tree is looking good!


You will notice, in the picture above, that there are no street vendors on the street side.  NONE!  All have been shifted to the beach.  (And you can read the master plan and the decision process here in the San Pedro Sun.  The Town Council has been talking about this for years.)

They have been moved to the beach.


After a quick walk out to the end of the municipal pier…a barge of sand was going by…


Really REALLY pretty day…


I walked along a very unhappy “vendor row”.

IMG_7083 IMG_7084

Here until after the holidays and then moved to the lagoon side…and the new football field.  Perhaps an even tougher venue.  A few of the vendors told me they were being sent to “no man’s land”…and that their sales would drop to zero.

This has been a controversy for a while – about tourists being “hassled”, about these vendors as unfair to those paying many thousands of dollars in rent just a block away to have a gift shop…we shall see how it all works out.

Though they had no customers…Estel’s Restaurant was packed.


And on to good news for EVERYONE.  The Lighted Boat Parade, one of my favorite events of the year, is BACK ON!

Cancelled a few weeks ago by the San Pedro Business Association, a small group of businesses and charities have decided to take on the project.  WOO HOO!

boat parade

Here is last year’s event, small but thoroughly awesome.  AND a full moon.  (This year the full moon is on Christmas Day.)

San-Pedro-Christmas-Boat-Parade-68 San-Pedro-Christmas-Boat-Parade-173

And in 2012.  SUPER FUN.

Boat Parade 021

Complete with Rasta Santa.

Boat Parade 098

Here are some of the details.  Boats…please please enter!  Sponsors, if you can donate money or sponsor a boat – LIGHTS and fuel are EXPENSIVE – please please help.  All inquiry can be sent to Dee at Wayo’s Bar and Aqua Vista Beachfront Suites at the email address above.

The event is Dec 19th.  There is no entry fee.  There will be prizes – both cash and gifts.

Line up will be at Wayos, goes to Crazy Canuck’s Bar and ends at Sandbar for prizes, winner announcement, etc.   Tickets to ride on the boat on sale at Canucks, Wayos, Pampered Paws and Sandbar.

$30bzd to ride one of the boats – $20bzd will go to the captain for gas and $10bzd will go to charity.

See you ALL there 🙂

OH!  And I must not take my eye off my Indian prize!  My quest to go on a blogging trip to Kerala, India.   INDIA!


Interesting facts:  The state animal of Kerala is the Indian Elephant.  A bit smaller than his African counterpart.


The state bird:  The large Great Hornbill.


Please vote to send me to India for 2 weeks next year.  It takes about 15 seconds.  Thank you!

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