A Beach Walk To Town on A Gorgeous Day in San Pedro, Belize & Picking Up My Bear

I always love a walk on the beach – but over the past few months, it’s been summer and HOT.  Arriving at my destination looking like I’ve been for a swim in my clothes is…not ideal.  But yesterday, there was a nice breeze from the east, the sun was out and the temperature was in the low 80s.  Time to strap on my walking shoes.

Which are strangely similar to my lounge shoes and my going-out shoes and my beach shoes.  Flip flops.


Here’s the view headed north – starting at about 1.5 miles south by Royal Palms.

The beach by Banyan Bay is looking gorgeous.



Not sure if this boat is FOR SALE or if its name is “FOR SAIL” – either way, it’s pretty cute.


Xanadu Resort has this unique seating area.  A HUGE chunk of mahogany carved into a seat.


On the less sturdy side EL DIABLO – the highest water slide on Ambergris Caye – at Caribbean Villas.

IMG_7307 IMG_7309

Another cute boat with a cute name – this one needs a bit more work.



The Island Academy School setting up for their annual Christmas pageant.  They go ALL OUT.


And the view from the school yard.


And the walk ahead…

IMG_7317 IMG_7320

The tree is up at the Bowen’s House.  So pretty…


And the view of the beach at Ramon’s Village.

IMG_7326 IMG_7327

Looking ahead to Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar…


And the Diamante project…things are moving along.IMG_7329

Just a few blocks up, the Christmas tree in Central Park.  Love it.

IMG_7335 IMG_7336

LAST STOP!   Sandbar Bar, Restaurant and Hostel for my bear.  The wish for a child for Christmas.  Written on the back.  I buy the gift, I wrap it up and my 6 year old cuties gets what he wants for Christmas.  Can’t wait to put his package together…

Stella was guarding the tree…


And the Belikin delivery truck on the way out.


Stop by for your bear today!

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