A Fundraiser, Lots of New Building and My First Scoupon!

As the east coast and much of the US (and I’m SURE Canada – but we only get US tv) is shivering away, the cold front has dipped as low as Belize.   Which so far has meant the sweatshirts are out in the evening and the morning and the temperature is in the 70s.  Boo hoo…I know.  Few are shedding tears for us – probably because you know they will freeze to your cheeks.

Things have been warming up since mid-week but Saturday, SATURDAY! another front arrives, and highs will be in the low 70s!  Or at least that is what’s predicted.

Here is what else is going on in San Pedro town.  I posted about the music, a food truck and more just a few days ago.  Here are some additional things that I saw while I was walking about yesterday afternoon…

I stopped into RubiMoon to thank Anke for giving me the boost to enter the contest to go to Kerala, India.  The tour starts February 15!  And the store looked gorgeous…TOTALLY got me into the mood…especially on a grey afternoon.


They’ve also decided to give a 15% discount on their website if you mention SCOOP.  I am working on changing their advertisement on my site.  But until then, take a look.  They have beautiful things and…well…this is my very first SCOUPON.   Rubimoon Boutique.

Outside on the Front Street, a new realty building is going up.  What used to be Master Lee’s storefront and office…

master lee

Is now this!


As you can see, Carvin’ Marvin is still there but wow…could it look more different?

The new sign announces that the street vendors have all moved to the Back Street Football field.  To small stall that have been built there…


The next sign announced a Wahoo fishing tournament…


And then I looped around the corner to finally take a photo of this amazing Mennonite jenga game.  This house, flat on the ground, was raised up HIGH…and somehow I missed the process.  It’s absolutely fascinating that they can get this level.  Totally impressive work.  And now, I believe, a first story goes underneath.

I wonder if you live in the house during this process.


Just down Middle Street, at the north side of the block where Reef Radio and the Greenhouse are located – a wooden house and a hardware store have been torn down.  And this plan is in action.  The name of the building DSPROUT.  Hmmmm….


Before heading home, I stopped in Estel’s to wish them well on a huge fundraiser being held for ACES – Ambergris Caye Elementary School.  The only school on the island with dedicated staff for children with special needs.  They run on tuitions, donations and lots of fundraising.

ball gowns and BBQ

The donations for silent and live auction were being set up.  I put a bid on this beautiful pastel fish painting…


I heard that all 100 tickets had been sold AND that Jerry Jeff Walker would be doing a bit of performing…IMG_8760

The inside of Estel’s was cleared for a stage and music and dancing.  Co-owner Irenie was looking barefoot beautiful and preparing for the beginning of the gala.


I hope you guys raised TONS of money.  I know that you all had a great time.

I got home to Elsie – who wasn’t all that impressed by my outing.

When do you plan to feed me?



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