Meditation, the Most Gorgeous Dock and Then Ice Cream: Sunday Morning at Ak’Bol Retreat

A few weeks ago, a meditation invitation was put out to…everyone…by an organization called Peace Revolution.  Very Gandhi…and I am on my way to India – I accepted.  Plus, I have wanted to meditate for some time.  The idea of being able to calm a whirring brain on command is very appealing.


The organization was doing sessions in Placencia, in Belize City and on Ambergris Caye.   And here on the caye, it was taking place on one of the most gorgeous docks to do just about anything…yoga…lounging about…swimming.  Ak’Bol Eco-Resort, about 1 mile north.

And though there was a chilly northerly breeze…WHAT A DAY!


We drove through the front gate just before 10am.


The resort is so beautiful…so fitting for the location.

IMG_9061IMG_9063 IMG_9064

Out to the dock…





We grabbed mats and blankets…it was CHILLY!  About 25 of us in all…and after a little talk and some questions…we settled in for 30 minutes of meditating.  Usually I am antsy after about 2…but this leader was fantastic.  Super calming voice…leading all the way.  There is a TON of free information on the website if you are interested.  Otherwise, I will cut this short for those rolling their eyes and get back to the photos.

No, he is not in a witness protection program…it’s just not easy to take a picture on a bright dock!  Plus, the pose and the flag say it all.


All this meditating makes me hungry…we headed out.

Passing the cutest resort dog.


And a full house for breakfast…but I wanted only one thing.


The lovely beach front cabanas.


Last look at the dock.


If there is interest in a regular meditation class, please contact Kirsten, the co-owner and yoga teacher at Ak’Bol…she is thinking of starting one up – once a week.

IMG_9084 IMG_9085

A left onto the road…


And we were at the Truck Stop.

IMG_9091 IMG_9092

I bee-lined it for Cool Cone and got a taste of the Honey Cashew.  Mmmmm….


And we went back to check out the Chinese 5 Spice Roast pig.  In a very…unlady-like position.


But man…it smelled delicious.

The games were being set up for Sunday BBQ.


And a new one.  SlingBall.  Apparently it was just dropped off by a patron.  Who goes on vacation, and drops off a set in each location.  There’s one in Costa Rica…now on in Belize…

I think I just found him on the website.   Here’s SlingBall at the Truck Stop.


And in Hawaii.  We are clearly going to have to up our game.


We said good-bye to the pig…she gets devoured quickly….


And I bought a Chocolate Brownie Waffle Cone.  SO GOOD.  And I would show you…but I forgot to take a picture.


I am off to JUDGE a Rib BBQ competition right now.  The grind continues…

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