Snapshots Around Belize From My Week and Others’ – Both Under & Over Water

My week (or so) has been pretty fantastic.  From a trip to Belmopan on Jan 4th to renew my US passport (her pages were full) to Sleeping Giant Resort in Cayo to Estel’s BBQ on Ambergris Caye to snorkeling with a family of squid off South Water Caye.

I wish I took this photo.


I’m headed back to Belmopan to pick up the aforementioned passport in about an hour…there and back in a day.  Boat to the taxi to the bus to the taxi…I find it strangely relaxing.  Here’s some of the past 10 days for me (and others) in Belize.

Liam Gallagher of the band Oasis landed on our shores…or at least that was what he was cryptically telling us on Twitter.


Based on his tweet of the Conch Shell phone – the one used to reach the front desk at Francis Ford Coppola’s resort Turtle Inn in Placencia – I think I tracked him.

I also found a piece of “fool’s Ambergris” on the beach.  Promising looking for sure – but really just a hunk of wax.  It’s like Beach Powerball slipping through my fingers.


If it was the real thing…I just might be tempted to buy the Gibb’s Quadski.  The first one arrived in Belize – and I met the fun couple who owns it.  Land and water vehicle.


A few pictures from gorgeous Sleeping Giant.  Lush and green and cool.  Perfect for my jacuzzi.

IMG_5933sleeping giant

Who knew that they would serve one of the best rice & beans in Belize?


And then beautiful Hopkins and Villa Margarita and her sister resort, Jaguar Reef – where I ate all my meals.


The village is just so interesting.


And then it was back to Ambergris Caye.  But first let me show you some gorgeous photos taken around the country.  I’ve become quite taken with fly fishing photography.  You would be shocked how many people do it professionally – or maybe you wouldn’t.  Perhaps beautiful settings and photography go hand in hand.


And this amazing photo taken at Hol Chan Marine reserve.  This blogger writes The Road Les Traveled and has MANY followers.

I can see why.


And then on the way home…


A loggerhead doing his thing off the Silk Cayes in Southern Belize.


My beautiful day out at the cayes off of Hopkins.


And sunsets.  OH CAYE CAULKER.  You somehow seem to have the best.


Makes my Ambergris Caye shot look…small.  But it can be so pretty over our lagoon.


FOOD!  Always a part of my week.  I had delicious HEARTY beef soup at Briana’s Deli.  Corn tortilla and rice on the side.


A photo from Elvi’s Kitchen.  Yum.


Charles on the BBQ at Estel’s.  Did I tell you that I got invited to be a judge at the BIG RIB COOK-OFF?  Up to 8 chefs.  January 26th.


Breakfast with a side of ribs.


And the simplest kind of fare in San Pedro.  You’d ALMOST think you were in Mexico until you got to the last item.


And just a few more pictures around my home…


I’m off to Belmopan.  70 miles as the crow flies.  An all day trip for me.  Today is starting a bit grey, we had some overnight rain…a lovely day for travel.

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