The Great House Rises at Mahogany Bay Village, Ambergris Caye

Mahogany Bay Village is Ambergris Caye’s largest development.  Almost 2 miles south of San Pedro town and tucked back behind a gate from the road, it is being built at break neck speed by a huge crew.



During different phases there will be a hotel of 200ish rooms (Phase One, open this year and managed by Scout Hotels), residences, a village, a dive shop, concierge service, a gorgeous Miami style pool and a long beautiful beach club (in a location not yet announced to the public.)

This is a serious undertaking.

One only needs to stop in their super cute coffee shop, Rum + Bean, to check on the development, the property and the progress.  I wrote about it most extensively in the summer of last year….when the “Great House” was still just a square on a engineer’s plan.



I like the book selection…


I was there to meet quite a few people.  Beth Clifford, who is in charge of much/all of the operation, one of the representatives from Scout Hotels, the furniture designer/builder and Amanda Lindrothan incredible designer that I had met before.

We were there to look at the Great House.  Which is 3 floors, 22,000 square feet, will have an elevator, two bars (Shaken and Stirred) and now…a planned “speak-easy” or special club like area on the top floor.  Amanda was there to take a look at the space and see how the design would go…

Here is the Great House when I first walked in.  Designed very much after one of the most famous colonial houses in Belize City.


Here is the House of Culture/Government House in the City – the inspiration.


As you step inside…


This floor, a public area, with the bar, the guest services and front desk…and lots of seating areas.  The pool will jut out from the south side.

The second floor is the same size – 8,000 square feet.  A meeting space, a spot for weddings and parties, a brides’ suite and the gentlemen’s area, a wrap around balcony…

A view out the side window.


And a sunset view to die for.


The third floor is a blank canvas…at first, planned for storage.  But then the idea for a special club area came….and I love the word “speak easy”.  Comfy sitting nooks…perhaps some backgammon tables…the sounds of gin & tonics with ice clinking in crystal glasses.  Especially pretty since the tonic in Belize is pink.

Amanda, the designer, will be in charge…and I can’t wait to see the results.


Now it is just an open space…with one beam signed by all the employees and helpers that have been part of the project so far.


Back down stairs, I watched workers hand scraping the floor boards getting ready for the dark mahogany stain.  Giving the huge area, a beautiful look…almost as if it was ballroom that has been used for centuries.

What a pretty night…


And the aquaponics greenhouse behind the kitchen area.


I made a quick stop in Road to Cayo – the furniture show room and store that is open to the public.  All furniture is made in the Mahogany Bay shop in Belmopan.


Just beautiful things all made from Belizean hardwoods.


Is it really odd to be in love with a chair?


I’m okay with that.   The furniture is absolutely fantastic.  So…if you would like to take a look at the furniture store or at the property, stop into Rum + Bean.  They can definitely hook you up with the right person.  And have a brownie.  Trust me.

It’s pretty amazing what is popping up right in my backyard.


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