WHAT A VIEW: Parasailing over the Reef and Ambergris Caye

My three biggest fears in life, in order are:  1.  Heights 2. Public Speaking and 3. Death.  But this was my second time parasailing and I felt like a pro.  No more nerves (though it was a breezy day) – I felt totally secure with the heavy duty sitting sling I had climbed into…and the bar I would hold to lift off.


Last Friday was a GORGEOUS DAY.  Let’s go parasailing.   At 10am, I went to meet Eric, the new business owner, and his crew at the Fido’s Courtyard dock.  Right in the center of town.

But more important than any of them is Eric’s AWESOME 14 month old half poodle/half Golden Retriever, Monty.  I am unsure why he is not on every t-shirt, poster and flyer…he is the best mascot in the world.  Made for the water and the boat.


He was a little busy when I arrived but he came over to join us.  Not wanting to miss any of the action…

IMG_8834 IMG_8835

Here is Eric, the lovely new owner from British Columbia, and Alex, the boat captain.


This scratch on my lens is really starting to bother me.  Monty!


What a totally gorgeous day.


Let’s go!  We got onto the boat – Monty made himself comfy on a front cushion – and headed out towards the reef.  One of the guys helped me into a sling.  It’s all on piece, so you just slip it on.  No tying and adjusting and squeezing.  It all feels very safe.

Then my favorite part…when the parachute first goes up.  A little dance between the guy lifting the ‘chute and the captain…she must remain dry.

IMG_8855 IMG_8858

You are clipped in, sit on the back of the boat holding the bar above you and are slowly lifted up.  Nothing jarring and nothing scary…really.


Just freakin’ awesome.  I’ll do this any day.  This is BY FAR the cheapest way to get this amazing view of the entire island – reef to lagoon all the way back to Leonardo DiCaprio’s island.   (Helicopter and private charter plane are your other options.)


IMG_8879 IMG_8887

Up….up…up.  Behind me to the reef.  At this height and distance, just a wave break.


But in other spots…SO BEAUTIFUL.



I think they let me go extra high on this one.  Awesome.


Last time I went, I saw dolphins…this time, beautiful eagle rays flying through the water.

IMG_8905 IMG_8907

Simple totally gorgeous.  Floating up there…the strangest thing is that you only hear the wind.  Nothing at all below, not even the boats going by.


It was time to come on in…

IMG_8977 IMG_8999

They delicately dipped my feet on the way back – the water is actually warmer than the air.  And before I knew it, I was back on the boat.

SUPER FUN.  And next time I’m going up with Monty.  Up to three (people) can go up together.  But for a puppy, he is extremely easy going…almost ridiculously so.

I sauntered off the dock feeling pretty good about myself…and about the island.  She looks even more GORGEOUS from up above.


Check out Eric’s website – they do snorkeling and inland tours.  They do private charters!  Would you like to visit the leeward side of the island and hang out on a sandbar?  Maybe some reef fishing and a BBQ?  Maybe both?

They also do banana boat (though I’m not sucker – I’ve seen Jaws – The Revenge)…


…and tubing (which I am TOTALLY up for.)  Fast or slow…beer or no beer…what a fun way to spend a few hours with friends.

AND last of all, they do something called the Sub-wing.  I THINK I want to try it.  Check out the video on the website…and let me know what you think.

Until then, I shall wave at you from far below as you para-sail by – even though you won’t see me or hear me.  Up up and away!

Oh…and for those who were wondering…I used no special camera or technique.  Just my regular Canon 700SX looping on my life vest and I got about 150 awesome photos.  It’s just too beautiful not to…



Parasailing over San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize - wait until you see this view!

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