Easter Winds Come Early Washing Over Seawalls & Bringing Back The Sargasso

I wrote about the seasons in Belize a few years ago.  Though it took me a full year or two to really see them, THERE ARE SEASONS on Ambergris Caye.  It’s not just dry/tourist season and rainy/slow season.

Here’s my run down:  Drier/sunnier/cooler season –> humidity picks up and Easter winds –>  HOT HUMID SUMMER (rain at night for the most part) –>  HOT HUMID FALL (rain more likely) –> Repeat


When I first moved here 9 years ago, they seemed pretty set in stone.  Dec thru March, April and May, June through August and then Sept through November.

Weather definitely seems to be changing and the strong winds this week (as well as the entire week of Christmas) are just one anomaly.

The Easter winds have come early.


In just two days, the island went from sunny and calm to sunny still…but the winds!  Gusts up to 25 mphs throughout the day combined with high tides really brought the water and the sea grass in.

You can see how churned up the ocean is, even over the shrubbery.


Chocolate milk rather than crystal clear blue.  Not a day for snorkeling or diving…but I did see kite surfers and windboarders shooting across the water during the afternoon.

Sailing appeared great.  Zipping right along.


And down on the easement just south of me, the sargasso had all washed right back in…


The waves coming up on my favorite tree…


Just about a week ago when the wind came from the north…





This older sea wall was filling quickly…


And just walking down the beach required wading in the water.


This morning, the  winds have died significantly and Windfinder is predicting a “cold front” this weekend….with some rain, winds from the north and dipping temperatures.

Here is a look at the current situation.  A mix-up of sun and clouds but, again, calmer waters.

IMG_9403But this beach erosion is getting serious.  Many homes and businesses are building seawalls…they have no choice.  The natural beach is washing away.

Are we to become an island of seawalls?  Perhaps it’s the future….

What do you think?

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