Fabulous Finn Opens Fabulous Finn & Martini – The Newest Hot Spot in San Pedro

If you live in San Pedro or just follow the SanPedroScoop, you know Finn “Kardashian”.  We’ve followed his travels through Central America 2 summers ago and then SE Asia last year.  Finn is fabulous, hysterical, endlessly entertaining and…well…just Finn.


After 10 years charming at Rojo Beach Bar, he has opened his own spot – Finn & Martini.  The spot he’s been dreaming of…now let’s see how Finn likes being the boss.


Last night was the “soft opening” – a full kitchen will be opening during the next few weeks – and the place was packed.  As early as 6:30pm.  But Chef Marvin and his food truck, “El Jefe” might have a little something to do with that.

Everything was Fin-tabulous.  From the drinks to the restrooms…

They are located just south of the High School – across from Annie’s Pastries.  It’s hard to miss.


El Jefe (parked right next door) was serving one of my favorites…Chaya Dip.  If you like Spinach Dip…this is RIGHT up your alley.  But everything Marvin makes is delicious.


Outside…Finn’s work.  Everything from the stools to the artwork to the beautiful cement bar tops was designed by Finn.  We were early…when we left an hour later, all tables were filled.



Dan and Ivan had the martini shakers going all night.

IMG_9413 IMG_9426

A favorite – the Finn-omenon.   With cucumber and rosemary…

Some other drinks…great list at really good prices.


The kitchen behind getting readied…


Super comfy and tres chic inside…


And then Fin-tastic appeared.  Time for selfies…


Mmmm…and chaya dip.


Time to head out…


A quick lecture from Finn “I want to be front page news”, “I want a NY Times style review”….the pressure!  (Perhaps he never read the NYT’s write-up on Guy Fieri’s Times Square spot.  Scathing is an understatement.)



I was told to stop by the ladies’ room on the way out…like the entire spot, it’s all about the details.  And he put his heart into this…like everything he does.  It looks absolutely fantastic.

IMG_9437 IMG_9434

Some words of wisdom as you are using the powder room…


The spot looks amazing.  I hear that it will be open from 4pm on…

Stop by and have a martini.  And let a little Finn wash over you.


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