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I’m Halfway There: Belize to India Made Infinitely Better By a Texas Waffle

It’s Thursday morning?  Friday morning?  I’d better Google it.  The clock blinks 9:30am in grey, cold Frankfurt, Germany airport.

Friday.  I left San Pedro, Belize at 2pm on Wednesday afternoon to Houston.

Caye Caulker, I’ll see you again on March 8.

caye caulker

Arriving at 7:20pm and making my way with a Dah-RUNK Oregonian to the Red Roof Airport Inn via taxi when our shuttle didn’t show up.

A few mile radius around any large airport is never very scenic and Houston is no different.  Big travelers’ hotels, a scattering of strip malls, parking garages and fast food joints, I had a few dinner options…

Taco Bell, gas station Church’s Chicken and Jack In the Box.  Time to try something new.  And this motto is just so…so…odd.  I’ve never been to a Jack in the Box.

Do I want my burger to be the butteriest?


I returned to my inn feeling slightly queasy and stumbled over what looked like the saddest bachelor party spread out in my hallway chugging Coors Lites.  I was feeling none of the things displayed on this mural at the airport.


But after falling asleep to the sound of clinking cans and laughter, I woke, went to get a cup of coffee at the continental breakfast and my whole attitude changed.  LOOK AT THIS!


A special malted batter dispensing machine and I made my own waffle.  IN THE SHAPE OF TEXAS.  Total genius.

I returned to the airport (shuttle working) EARLY to secure decent seats on Lufthansa…Houston to Frankfurt (9 hours) and then Frankfurt to Mumbai (8 hours).

Window seat…no one next to me.  My first double decker plane.  Decent food served often, a pillow, a blankie.  And sleep.  All is good so far.


So it’s just my next flight to Mumbai.  I arrive at 1am tomorrow.  And wait at the airport almost 12 hours for my flight to Kerala.  How bad can that be?

I will be picked up in Trivandrum by the Kerala Tourism Board and whisked from the city to Turtle on the Sea Resort in the beach town of Kovalam.  It looks like a pretty cool town.

That’s the Arabian Sea!

By mehul.antani - Flickr: Kovalam Beach, Kerala, CC BY 2.0,
By mehul.antani – Flickr: Kovalam Beach, Kerala, CC BY 2.0,

Trust me.  I’ll be reporting back.

I hope to blog every day.  We will be given a SIM card with data on it so my phone will be my most reliable internet connection.  Which means Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to follow on either or both, you can click the links in the upper left hand corner.  Namaste.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Halfway There: Belize to India Made Infinitely Better By a Texas Waffle

  1. TarheelBornGal

    We saw those Texas-shape waffle machines at one of the hotels we stayed at driving through that huuuuuge state. Hope the rest of your trip is/was tolerable. Can’t wait for your reports from India!

  2. Susan

    Such an adventure! Not sure about the 12 hours in the airport, but I know you’ll find something interesting to do! Keeping you in my prayers for a safe, FUN trip!

    1. Belize Blog

      The Mumbai International Terminal is brand new and an absolute dream! It’s like a gallery…it’s absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I’ve been shuttled over to the domestic for my flight to Trivandrum – and what I realized so far is…stuff is CHEAP (even at the airport) AND there are a TON of people around here. Go grief!

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