I’m Leaving For Kerala India TODAY! What Did I Forget to Pack?

I am amazed and kinda bursting with gratitude.  Belize blogger wins trip to the other side of the world.  To India, a country I’ve dreamed about visiting but one so overwhelming…culturally, historically, POPULATION WISE (1.25 BILLION people)…it just seemed daunting.  A trip that would take intense planning,  months and months of time to do it right and maybe a few guides…

Nope...I'm not going there.

Nope…I’m not going there.

And now I’m going!  With about 25 other bloggers from around the world – from Brazil to Mexico to Cyprus to Bulgaria.  THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME!


I’m headed from San Pedro, Belize 18 degrees N, 88 degrees W to Kerala, India 8 Degrees N, 77 degrees E – the other side of the world.  10,000 miles.  12.5 hours time difference.

TODAY I start.  2pm Tropic Air flight from San Pedro to Belize City (20 mins), Belize City to Houston, Texas (3 hours), Houston Texas to Frankfurt, Germany (10 hours), Frankfurt, Germany to Mumbai, India (12 hours) and then Mumbai to Kerala (2 hours).

The weather, across the world, is surprisingly similar to Belize.  Closer to Belize summer weather but here is the next 10 day forecast.

Pattom, India 10 Day Weather Forecast - The Weather Channel _ Weather-page-001

So here is what I am packing…for 3 weeks there.   There are so many websites telling me what to “pack for India”.  Ultravoilet water purifiers, portable female toilets, leech socks (LEECH SOCKS!), peppermint oil to dabble beneath your nose to ward off….smells, crocs!  CROCS!  Now you’ve crossed a line.  No way…

I want to pack as little as possible so here it is what I am packing – in a small carry on rollie suitcase and a small backpack.

First, my Belize wear.  We are going to be doing a press conference or two (!?!?!??!) and being followed by a French TV crew so I need to represent.


My hat from the Truck Stop, SUPER cute new t-shirt I bought at Blue Water Grill, a hankie from Belikin Beer and a little flag.  Just in case of a spontaneous rally or parade.

Toiletries and a Medical Kit – this seems to be the bulk of my packing.

We’ve got Hand Sanitizer (little guy and re-fill), Melatonin (not EXACTLY sure how this is going to relieve the BRUTAL jet lag but…we’ll see), Rehydration salts, baby wipes, bug spray…and then the real meds…


…Immodium, two rounds of Cipro, Benadryl, Ibuprofin, Alka-Selzer, antibiotic ointment and band-aids, a little flashlight, extra contacts, lip balm, toothbrush, paste, deoderant, body soap (Tea Tree Oil flavored – magicial) and  my favorite clothes cleaner – Zote.

Clothing.  Tried to keep that simpler.  But I was told to be modest (women in Kerala are often wrapped from neck to toe) and to be ready for a few dressy events.  Hmmmm….

My favorite items.  Sweat rags and a cotton cloth that I can use as a towel, wrap, pillow (we are going trekking and camping).


A stretchy black knee length cotton skirt, knee length yoga pants, my longest khaki shorts and my jorts (I can’t leave home without them.)   Also, one sweatshirt – we will be trekking in the Western Ghats…the local mountains that are supposed to be amazingly gorgeous.


No sleeve, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. Yup, I know…probably too many.  But I find that in HOT weather, you can’t have enough cotton shirts.  Solids match with solids…and I would love to buy lots of beautiful fabrics there.


Shoes.  Sneakers (and 3 pairs of socks) for trekking, my “dressy flip flops” and another pair of flops.

I packed undergarments…and PJs.


My computer, my new camera, an extra battery and a snappy new case.  I’ll also bring my IPhone (they are providing data SIM cards) and all my cords.  Phone charger, camera battery charger.  MUST REMEMBER TO BUY CONVERTER/ADAPTER at Houston Airport.


And now just Miscellaneous in a very poor quality photo.  Bathing suit, shampoo/conditioner (did you know that the word “shampoo” is from Hindi?), Benadryl itch stuff, my stickers and postcards, my documents, sunglasses, a scarf like thing for the plane and a rain jacket.


And a fold up bag and a good book about India.  I’ve read it…but I’ll read it again.


Now I have a few more hours before I leave…

Leave today, arrive on Saturday afternoon.

What did I forget that I can’t possibly buy in India?

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